Why Do Cats Prefer Women?

why do cats prefer women

Recent research has shown the reasons why felines have stronger emotional bonds with women than with men.

Despite their independent nature, cats are cuddly animals and, of course, they have preferences when it comes to choosing their favorite human. Between felines and women, there is a much greater emotional bond than they can have with men.

Cats and their guardians influence each other, that is, according to the behavior of one, the other acts in a certain way. The relationship between cats and women goes far beyond a simple bond forged through food and is much stronger than is often thought.

Females tend to interact with their cats more than males, and in response, female cats approach sitters more frequently and initiate contact more frequently than male sitters.

It was possible to determine that cats seem to remember kindness and return that favor later. Cats react with a more lively and less routine behavior towards extroverted women, ie those who speak to them the most.

In these types of relationships, cats only had to use subtle signals, such as a vertical tail flick, to signal a desire for friendly contact. Following personality analysis, it was concluded that one of the main reasons for the existence of this particular chemistry is that animals see women as a mother figure.

Food is often used as a display of affection, and the way cats and humans relate to food is similar in nature to the interactions observed between the human caretaker (usually the mother) and the preverbal infant. .

It is also claimed that cats prefer females because they have a higher, softer voice. Cats’ sense of hearing is much better and more sensitive than humans’, so felines are often attracted to women with softer voices. This means that cats find female voices more attractive and less threatening. This preference is due to the fact that female cats can sound like their feline mothers.

On the other hand, we know that, just like humans, cats and dogs like certain people and animals better.

When cats and dogs are puppies, they go through a very important stage, which is defined as the sociability stage or sensitive stage in which they want to know everything around them and the guardians must collaborate to ensure that it does, in an extensive and non-traumatic way. Therefore, if they can be friendly with anyone and with other animals, that is, if they socialize well during this stage, they lose their fear of strangers and form a stable personality and sociable.

Animals that have been socialized extensively as puppies usually have no problem sharing their love with everyone. But many animals did not socialize as babies or encountered very few people or animals. This is why they form a very special bond with them, especially with the one who devoted the most time to them during their childhood.

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