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Why do dogs lick their owners?

You’ve probably noticed that dogs tend to lick their owners and even other people. This habit is a natural instinct inherent in pets from birth. Mothers lick their puppies, take care of their hygiene and show love, older dogs show a good attitude towards other dogs, and also show respect towards the older dog and the pack leader.

A dog licking a person can be compared to a cat purring. At the moment of licking a person, the dog experiences positive emotions and is even charged with hormones of happiness. A dog will not lick the first person he meets, but only the one he likes based on his emotions, his sense of smell and his attitude. The dog constantly licks its owner, showing tenderness, love, responding with gratitude for care and nutrition, showing affection and devotion. To experience such good feelings in an animal, you should not offend him, spend enough time with him, play, take care of him, monitor his hygiene and feed him properly.

Is it OK to let your dog lick your face?

When licking a person, a dog knows no boundaries: it can lick hands, feet and face. Since dog saliva contains many germs and bacteria, it is not recommended to allow your pet to lick your face. It is not so easy for a person to become infected through dog saliva, but if your immune system is weakened, the virus will quickly gain a foothold in your body. In no case should you allow your dog to lick the faces of children, pregnant women, elderly people, people with reduced immunity or people with various injuries and inflammations on the face.

If you don’t mind your dog licking its face, simply visit a veterinary clinic regularly, examine your dog for infections, do a stool test, take saliva samples, feed your pet only proven foods and avoid raw meat and fish. The system of government. Remember that the dog’s health is also your health.

Why do dogs lick people’s feet?

In the case when a dog licks the hands and face of a person, it means a manifestation of love and devotion, but in the case where a dog licks the feet, it is a way of attracting the attention. By licking his paws, the dog reminds you of himself, letting you know he is there and wants attention. This can be stimulation for playing, caressing or simply cuddling. Dogs are very loyal to their owners and require a lot of time together and attention.

How should the owner react?

Boundaries in the relationship between dog owner and dog should only be established by you. For some, allowing an animal to lick your face is completely unacceptable, but for others, it is normal animal behavior. If you don’t like something about your dog’s behavior, you need to carefully wean him from the habit. This should not be done abruptly or brutally; If necessary, you can use the services of a dog handler.

Very often, to prevent a dog from licking the face or another part of the body, it is enough to simply not react to its action. You should stop petting her back and playing with her after she licks your face. You can just get up and leave after his action. Over time, the dog itself will understand that the owner does not react or does not like this behavior and will stop behaving this way. Don’t worry if the dog is offended by this. Just show him your love in a different way at other times.

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