Why does my cat urinate everywhere?


It’s no secret that cats are extremely well-kept animals, not only with themselves, but also with regard to the places where they spend time, such as their beds, litter boxes, feeders and others areas of the house. We must keep in mind that when a cat decides to urinate in places where it usually does not, it is because something is wrong with him, so this behavior should not be interpreted as a simple whim of the cat.

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat urinates everywhere, then this Pets Feed article is what you’re looking for. To know what to do, you must first know the reasons for this behavior and treat the problem from its origins.

my cat urinate everywhere

First tips

If your cat has always used its litter box correctly and suddenly begins to urinate all over the house, you should understand that this indicates that something is wrong, whether it be in terms of health or emotion.

If the cat can go out, it is completely natural to urinate in different places of the house, because it marks its territory thus. In this case, this is not a problem and it is normal behavior.

You should be careful when you observe that your cat is urinating inside the house, being the most usual to use its litter box. If you notice that, overnight, he begins to use corners, furniture, beds and almost any place, you should know that something has happened to your feline that deserves your attention.

Before such behavior, you must be patient to detect what triggers this response in the cat, because the reasons may be related to an illness or to situations which cause stress in your cat.

Diagnosing the causes is usually not easy, but with a little patience and a lot of love, you will find the source of the problem. Avoid berating or scolding the cat after a disaster, as this will only increase its level of anxiety.

Health problems

Certain diseases can cause your cat to go to other places in the house, such as cystitis, kidney stones and diarrhea. Why does your cat urinate urine everywhere in these cases? In the first two, the condition causes pain at the time of urination, so it is normal for your cat to not be able to urinate completely when it wants to, and will eventually do it in other places due to the urgency this produces. In addition, anyone who has had a cat with cystitis knows how anxious he can become, leaving small pockets of urine everywhere as if he wanted to alert his fellow humans of the discomfort he feels.

The fact that the cat urinates everywhere is also common when the discomfort is not of urinary origin. If your cat is suffering from something else, such as pain in one part of the body, he may decide to urinate outside his sandbox. Because ? It’s just his way of draining the discomfort he feels. Therefore, in view of this behavior, the first thing to do is to go to the veterinarian, who will perform the necessary tests which will rule out that it is a health problem.

my cat urinate everywhere

The stress

In case you don’t know, stress is one of the main causes that cause a cat to change its behavior, and urinating everywhere is one of its ways of expressing it.

What can cause stress to your cat?

No matter how you think to spoil and how much care you give him, giving him a life that you think is carefree enough for the cat, the truth is that the changes in the house affect him deeply, causing anger, anxiety, fear and sadness, among other emotions.

What situations cause these emotional disturbances?

The reasons are various, from the arrival of a new member of the family (either a baby or another pet), which can make the cat believe that it is moved from its legitimate place, as well as a moving, a tense relationship with the masters for previous reprimands, moving the furniture in the house or even changing the usual routine.

What to do if your cat is stressed?

The important thing is to know when the cat started to change behavior, in order to find the necessary solution. Changes of any kind must be subtly introduced, allowing the animal to adapt to one before introducing another.

Regarding the arrival of a baby, familiarizing the animal with the places that will correspond to the newborn, and letting it gradually adapt to the sounds and new smells that the child brings with it, is crucial for a harmonious coexistence, the same goes for the intrusion of a new pet. The introduction of another animal into the home cannot be done suddenly but gradually, giving everyone their own space to sleep, do their needs and eat. In this way, the cat will not feel its space invading.

All of these steps, of course, require a lot of patience and understanding. Likewise, it is necessary to provide the cat with objects and spaces so that it can perform the activities typical of its species, such as scrapers, toys to hunt and search, and ledges or cat trees where it can climb, because by trying to suppress its natural behaviors only, it will generate more stress and will not prevent the cat from urinating everywhere.

my cat urinate everywhere


If there is something that bothers cats, it is that they try to force them to use or do things they do not like. This is why if there is something that makes your cat uncomfortable in his litter box, he will categorically refuse to use it and, therefore, the cat will urinate everywhere.

What things can bother your cat with its litter box?

Well, the following:

  • Do not clean it enough. The cat is unable to support itself in a place it considers dirty, so you need to collect the waste more frequently and keep the box clean. Boxes with a lid are not recommended, as they accumulate unpleasant odors inside.
  • More than one cat is using the box. If you have several cats at home, it is best that each has its own waste container, and it is even recommended to have an additional one, because you never know what could happen to your cats. In other words, if you have two cats, you should have three boxes, and so on.
  • He doesn’t like sand. Some cat sands are scented to hide the smell of debris from the human nose. However, this aroma is likely to disturb your cat, so decide to use another corner of the house as a bathroom. In addition, it may be the texture that displeases him and leads your cat to urinate everywhere except in his box.
  • He doesn’t like the box. Too high or too small a box will interfere with your cat’s use.
  • He doesn’t like where he is. Cats cannot support their needs near where they sleep or eat, so if their sandbox is very close to these areas, they may prefer to move away a bit. In addition, if you place it in a busy place in the house, close to the movement of people or where the noise from household appliances can disturb it, it will look for a quieter place to meet its needs.
  • It is not easily accessible. If you place the box in a place where your cat cannot quickly and easily access, it is possible that the emergency (or laziness) makes him prefer another closer place.

We hope that with these tips, you will be able to detect why your cat is urinating everywhere and easily find a solution. Remember to be patient and consult your veterinarian for any eventuality.