Why does your cat put its paws on you? You’ll be surprised how many important things he wants to tell you

Why does your cat put its paws on you

Cat owners are not always aware that their body language attempts to convey a lot of important information to humans. By being aware of the existence of certain mechanisms, you can hear the feline version of messages such as: “you are important to me”, “I trust you” or “I love you”. One of the gestures that can hide a lot of valuable information is touching a person with your paw. Cats don’t act this way with everyone they meet. The way they touch you with their limbs can convey several completely different messages.

He asks to leave him alone

There is no denying that virtually every cat is a great individualist. They are animals that value their own space and time spent alone. This is why some quadrupeds “say” that at a given moment they do not feel any interaction. They use their paws for this purpose.

If your pet puts a paw on your face or chest and gently pushes you away that way, it means he’s trying to tell you that he’s had enough of the petting. It’s worth respecting these boundaries. The cat will certainly appreciate it and sooner or later he will come asking for another dose of tenderness. Every living being should be able to spend time alone, if they need it in the moment.

The cat shows you that it feels safe with you

Animals are not used to physically interacting with every creature they accidentally encounter. Additionally, they generally limit this type of contact to a select group of “chosen ones.” Every interaction has a purpose. In the case of cats, touching with the paws shows great confidence.

Cats have the instinct of an ever-vigilant predator. This is why paws are so important to these animals. The pads are very sensitive to touch. Thanks to this, these dogs are able to thoroughly explore the area, sneak around and hunt. They can only “remove” their vigilance in exceptional cases. One of them is the time devoted to affection with a loved one, with whom the cat feels safe. If your pet regularly cuddles you, you risk feeling left out!

The cat wants to get your attention

Vigorously touching the paws has nothing to do with a show of affection. On the contrary. Cats who approach people this way expect the person to pay attention to them and do what they want most.

It’s usually about filling the bowl with your favorite dish or… having fun! Cats sleep most of the day, but young cats especially like to run around from time to time. When they want to play, they sometimes look for a companion to play with. Touching the paws can be a signal encouraging them to play together. Especially if your pet touches you and is excited at the same time. In such situations, it is worth being convinced and taking the opportunity to exercise with your beloved pet.

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