They wondered why the dog stared at the wall for hours. Only the camera revealed the truth

why dog stared wall for hours

The dog, named Crosby, sat and stared at the wall, barking occasionally. The owner, very concerned about the dog’s behavior, decided to check the wall, but found nothing disturbing. Despite this, the dog did not give up, forcing the man to install a camera in the house. This is how he discovers that a squatter lives with them.

The dog stared at a spot on the wall for hours

Many pet guardians wonder about their pets’ strange behavior. Some are curious about why cats rear and stare, others wonder about the supernatural abilities of their pets. Similar thoughts began to come to the minds of George Miller and those close to him. The owner of a four-legged family member named Crosby was very surprised to find that his pet didn’t run to greet him when he came home from work. Instead, he stared stubbornly at the wall.

The situation has not changed despite the passage of time. Crosby looked in the same place for days and did not return calls from the family. The man carefully tapped the wall, but upon inspection he did not encounter any static, damaged cables or other irregularities. To determine the cause of the animal’s sudden change in behavior, Miller installed a camera in the house.

An unexpected tenant found himself trapped with no way out

After a while, the man viewed the recording recorded by the device. The recording allowed us to establish that the dog only sat in front of the wall when the owner was at home. Additionally, the man saw an incredible sight that prompted him to drill a small hole in the wall. A small kitten was sitting inside the structure. All the while, the dog was trying to draw the owner’s attention to the small child who was fighting for his life.

why dog stared wall for hours

A stray animal was pulled out from under a piece of plasterboard. The kitten was named Mr. Jingles and became a new member of the family.

Like a dog with a cat, is this a possible friendship? Certainly nothing forced

Can a cat and a dog become friends? There is no universal answer to the question of whether keeping a dog and a cat under one roof is a good idea. Each case is different and must therefore be considered individually. As the example in the story above shows, sometimes a higher power compels us to such an idea.

There are many articles on how to introduce a new pet into your home. Experts disagree on how animals should get used to each other. Some experts believe that the new pet should be isolated from the permanent resident, while others believe that it is worth giving animals freedom to act. However, the main rule remains the same: for animals to live together, they must eventually get to know each other.

Representatives of these two species often associate, especially if they grew up together. In other cases it varies – it is influenced by many factors. Not all cats and dogs will be immediately excited about a new roommate. A good method is to install a barrier in the door so that each animal has its own space and the opportunity to get used to each other. However, everything requires us to devote time and unlimited patience. If we can make these two species similar, it will definitely be a lifelong friendship.

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