Why You Shouldn’t Put A Bell On Your Cat

Why should not put bell cat

For many, the image of a cat with a bell is almost natural. Although for many years it was considered a nice and somewhat necessary accessory for a cat in the wild, there is a growing argument against putting this noisy item around your cat’s collar. We at Petsfeed tell you why you shouldn’t put a bell on your cat, because it’s not as good an idea as you thought.


First of all, the main reason is the noise. And not just because it’s repetitive and boring for you, but because it’s detrimental to your cat’s health. The bell is too close to his ears, and over time, this constant loud noise will affect your cat’s acute hearing. It might even make your cat deaf if the bell was big enough.


The sound of the bell can alter your cat’s mood. Of course, having a perpetual buzz coming from its neck will make your feline very nervous. Think of the calm, quiet stealth that cats, by nature, exude. Agile, nonchalant, and above all, they are the image of relaxation and zenitude. With a doorbell, you put yourself and your cat on edge, which leads to a stressed cat.


A collar with a bell ringer is impractical. In fact, many cats try to pull it off or even bite it to stop the buzzing. There have been many cases of injured cats, as many get their lower jaws stuck on the bell while trying to remove it.

Your cat may have gotten used to it, but it’s not at all natural to wear it around your neck.

That doesn’t save the birds

Reasons for putting a bell on your cat include that the cat will catch fewer wildlife, as the sound of the bell will warn of potential prey. However, studies show that cats with bells catch just as much prey as those without.

Birds and other wildlife will become aware of a cat’s presence, not by the sound of the bell, but by physical observation, so a bell won’t make any difference in that regard. Another reason that makes a bell useless in this regard is that over time cats have learned to walk without the bell ringing.

Tips and Advice

If despite all this, you can’t resist putting a bell on your cat, try to put it on only once in a while or at least buy a small one. We know that collars serve many purposes: identification, elimination of leaks, aesthetics, tracking device, etc. Although it may be necessary to wear a collar, it is not necessary to have a bell. Put yourself in your little furry friend’s shoes, just because it sounds funny or cute doesn’t mean you have to go the extra mile and ruin your cat’s hearing and peace of mind.


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