Winnie, The Cocker Spaniel Who Looks Like A Real Disney Character


With her soft light blue eyes, her tender gaze and her innocent face, Winnie the cocker spaniel is the star of hundreds of international media.

Winnie is a Cocker spaniel in cinnamon color, of the same dog breed and the same color as Reinita, the protagonist of the classic children’s feature film ‘Lady and the Tramp’. She was born at the end of October 2019 and since then her “human parents” have continued to share Winnie’s proud publications. Although her family could well have named her after the protagonist of the aforementioned film, they preferred to choose that of another well-known cartoon, Winnie, in honor of the famous honey-loving bear Winnie the Pooh, with which, moreover, it shares the same golden color of its fur.

Sitting, waiting for a prize or reward, and looking at her owner with her beautiful bright eyes, it is practically impossible to say no to anything and to resist the winnie look charm. The little dog, which continues to accumulate followers and “likes”, has also been compared to a little Disney princess.

Winnie’s Instagram account has more than 485,000 subscribers and has become a kind of journal where its owners share everything that this cute dog does. The users of this well-known social network are most pleased to see the photos of Winnie the cocker spaniel, as it has a look that is unlike that of any other dog. Therefore, it went viral.

Welcome to the world of Winnie

Her sweet light blue eyes, her tender gaze and her innocent face have made Winnie the cocker spaniel become the headline of hundreds of international media. Sitting, waiting for some prize or reward, and looking at your masters with those beautiful and bright eyes, it is practically impossible to say no to anything and resist their charms

In addition to the adorable image we have of any puppy, Winnie the cocker spaniel loves to stare at her owners and at the camera with a sweet and heartwarming gaze, whose eyes seem directly drawn by a Disney artist.

About the dog breed

The Cocker spaniel is a very intelligent, playful and sociable dog, who feels very attached to his human family and must always be with his family to feel good, and could suffer from separation anxiety. That doesn’t mean we can never leave him alone, but if you don’t have a lot of time to be with this dog, you’d better adopt a different type of animal. Previously, they were used as hunting dogs for different prey depending on their size.

These active and friendly dogs need human companionship to feel good and want to please their owners more than anything else. They are ideal dogs for homes with children and get along well with other animals. The Cocker spaniel is a very happy breed, which wags its tail and is constantly attentive to everyone. This dog is easy to train because it is eager to learn and to please.


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