Without the dog, he would not have survived, the doctors have no doubt. This is how he saved his owner’s life

Without the dog he would not have survived
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The dog named Sadie is a German Shepherd. When she was six years old, she went to a homeless animal shelter. She had a lot of difficulty adapting to the new reality. She was suspicious of people and sometimes reacted aggressively when she saw men. However, one day she meets a man with whom she immediately forms a strong bond. A man named Brian decided to adopt him. They immediately became inseparable. Additionally, after a few months, Sadie saved her new guardian’s life.

His life turned into hell

Sadie is a female German Shepherd. The first years of his life were crowned with success. She grew up in a home where she lacked nothing. Unfortunately, his owner decided to move six years after he decided to have a pet and not take his pet with him. This is how Sadie ended up in a shelter for homeless animals.

The dog did not cope very well with the radical changes in her life. She became very suspicious, especially of men. His suffering manifested itself in an attack. There were many indications that Sadie would be condemned to many years in a cramped enclosure.

It was a unique relationship from the first meeting

To the surprise of all the employees at the shelter Sadie went to, one day a man appeared and the dog immediately accepted her. His name was Brian. He had been thinking about getting a dog for a long time and when he finally made the decision, he came across Sadie early in his search for the perfect pet.

The man knew she would become his pet. Sadie didn’t mind. It was obvious that she trusted him and felt safe with him. They became inseparable friends almost immediately.

The dog saved the life of its new owner

The first months Brian and Sadie knew each other were filled with joy. However, one day the man suddenly fell and largely lost control of his body. Sadie reacted immediately. She didn’t let Brian fall asleep. She licked his face, pushed and pulled him by his clothes until he grabbed his cell phone. He called for help.

Without the intervention of his adopted dog, Brian might never wake up again. It turned out that the man had suffered a stroke. Experts were convinced that every second of delay was of great importance. It’s safe to say that Sadie saved her caregiver’s life.

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