A Woman Abandoned Her Dog At An Airport Because It Didn’t Fit Into Its Carrier

woman abandoned dog airport

An American was about to move to another city, which would take just over two hours, although to make everything faster she decided to travel by plane, all in the company of her faithful dog named Baby Girl , who accompanied her for several years.

However, when she was ready to board the flight, she realized that the dog wouldn’t fit in her crate and at the same time she wouldn’t fit under her seat, so without much thought she decided to leave it at the airport.

woman abandoned dog airport

However, staff from an airline, an animal rescue foundation and a woman who gave her a temporary home, did not leave her alone and immediately came to her aid. “We take her to the vet and she’s so friendly to everyone, she just lays on the couch and feels right at home,” said Robin King, who cares for Baby Girl.

“It was just an emergency, but I felt like I could do it now,” he added. While Daryl Strickland of the FurBabies Animal Rescue Foundation said, “When you find a dog who has been abandoned in this way, you feel compelled to make sure they never experience this again.”

woman abandoned dog airport

The event was widely criticized on social media, with many agreeing the situation was “too sad”, but the owner, who contacted Channel 9 anonymously, defended herself, saying she had not abandoned her, but had “delivered” her. airport officials after finding that he did not fit in his cage.

However, Baby Girl’s former owner also spoke out, saying he would never have done this with the dog. “I wouldn’t have gotten on the plane. I would have been homeless. I would have stayed on the streets of North Carolina with my dog.”

woman abandoned dog airport

The foundation is looking for the dog, who is already considered a senior due to her 14 years, to go with a family of grandparents. “She’s an older dog, so she should go with an older family. She likes her little walks, but she’s not as enthusiastic as little dogs would be,” said King, who is confident the dog will soon find a home where he will never be left alone again.

Images: Facebook / FurBabies Animal Rescue

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