Woman Adopted 3 Blind Cats That No One Else Wanted


These three blind cats are siblings and although no one wanted to adopt them, their lives changed forever when one woman adopted them all together.

Little Willow, Blue and Meadow are three blind cats, they are brothers and although no one wanted to adopt them, their lives changed forever when a woman adopted them all together. The story of these cats began before Christmas 2014 when they were found in Dubai.

The kittens were found in an abandoned warehouse in the city of Dubai. At that time, they had already lost their sight due to a flu that they did not treat. After that they were taken to a foster home, and Blue was adopted by her previous owner’s neighbor.

But Blue was so confused at being separated from Little Willow and Meadow, his two sisters, that he couldn’t bear to live without them, so he spent the nights meowing and looking for them everywhere.

So, Blue has been returned to the foster home, until February 2015, when Catherine the Great adopted them all.

Catherine told Bored Panda:

“I had no experience; I had adopted my first kitten just two months earlier. But her story got so deep inside that I couldn’t bear to think that they were going to spend their lives in a cage at a veterinary facility, or worse.

Catherine was very concerned about the special needs of her cats.

She said:

“I thought that it was not only going to be a challenge, but it was going to require me to adjust to many things. That afternoon when I took them home, I had to leave them locked in my apartment ».

But apparently it was not so different. All I had to do was leave everything where it was, they are remarkably adaptable.

“With proper presentation, they get along with other cats just like the ones they do see.”

Blind pets see through their hearts.

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