A woman adopts a cat after everyone warned her against it. She couldn’t have made a better decision

woman adopts cat everyone warned her against it
Justine Walton / iheartcats.com

Right next to where the stray cat lived, there was a shocking message, which implied that under no circumstances should you touch or pick up the cat. Despite the warnings, the animal ended up at the center, then Justine Walton decided to adopt it. The woman admits that she still has no regrets.

Country Cat Sanctuary is a unique place where adoptable cats live. The facility located in Ottawa, Canada enjoys popularity and a large number of positive opinions. Justine Walton decided to support the center by adopting a cat named Sylvester. This story captures the heart and proves that every life is worth fighting for.

The tragic past of a wildcat

Sylvester lived wild. He hunted rats and ate food found in dumpsters. He was very neglected, he lived alone, in the cold, in a neighborhood without interest. The animal had to hunt its own food, and life in the wild had a severe impact on it. For a long time, she couldn’t rely on luxuries like a full bowl, toys, or the caring embrace of a caretaker.

The controversy is caused by the fact that on the building next to which the cat lived, there was a short message in which it was written:

– Don’t move the cat. He’s here for a reason, we read.

Over time, it turned out that this reason catches rats. Local residents with the help of a cat fought off the scourge of rodents in the area.

Despite warnings, two years ago the animal was taken to the Country Cat Sanctuary in Ottawa. The staff at the facility took care of a cat that needed extra care. When the animal returned to full health, it quickly settled into the new place. Surprisingly, Sylvester also socialized well with the other cats at the facility.

Sylvester’s New Life

Justine Walton, knowing Sylvester’s story and hearing many warnings, nevertheless held firm. She decided to adopt a cat and does not regret her decision. Although Sylvester has made a revolution in the life of his new owner, today the woman does not hide the joy of having an animal with which she has a unique bond.

Justine told iheartcats.com that Sylvester settled into his new home quickly. He spends a lot of time with his owner, loves to cuddle and play.

In time, the woman again traveled to the center in Ottawa, from where she adopted another cat, named Winston. It turned out that this decision was also successful. Sylvester and Winston immediately fell in love and today they are like brothers. They spend time together, have fun and can’t imagine life without each other.

woman adopts cat everyone warned her against it
Justine Walton / iheartcats.com
woman adopts cat everyone warned her against it
Justine Walton / iheartcats.com

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