Woman Adopts 6 Dogs With Special Needs And Changes Their Lives

woman adopts special needs dogs

For a pet with special needs, it is more difficult to find a home, as they require more care and attention; whoever adopts them must be clear about all this. Tracey Fowler of Mendon, Vermont (United States) measured herself against these adversities.

Some time ago, Tracey lost her beloved German Shepherd Hayden, since then she adopts dogs with special needs, has 6, and in total her gang is 8 dogs.

Tracey has found them in different shelters and she calls them ‘The Fowler Herd’, now with her they lead a happy and fun life.

Woman adopts and changes the lives of these dogs

gang of adopted dogs with special needs

This gang knows how to have fun together when they go out for walks.

Tracey told Bored Panda:

“Hayden crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a battle with degenerative myelopathy.”

For years, the dog struggled with the disease, needed a wheelchair, but it never stole his spirit, he played and was happy until his last days, Tracey said.

tracey and one of her adopted dogs
special needs dog celebrates holiday

For Tracey, there was no better way to honor Hayden’s memory than to continue to adopt other dogs like him.

She comments:

“Currently I have eight dogs, six are with special needs and two are German Shepherds that I had before adopting the others.”

special needs dog in winter
the herd playing in the snow

These sweet dogs not only have Tracey’s love, they also take care of each other and spend excellent times with each other, in winter their favorite plan is to take walks around the property, Tracey adapted the wheelchairs of her dogs for skis so that they can play outside.

woman adopts dogs with special needs
Tracey Fowler adopts special dogs and calls them the fowler herd

Tracey thinks and has come to believe that pets with limited or different abilities are not for everyone, but she says that taking care of them is not a difficult task.

She said:

“If you are afraid of poop and pee, perhaps adopting a special needs pet is not for you. If you agree with this, it is honestly no different than if they were walking.”

costume day for the fowler herd
Fowler herd on halloween

These funny dogs are very happy and will continue to roll as a family.

Tracey added:

“If we can show an owner that there is another option besides saying goodbye [to their sick pet], then that is our goal.”

Images : Facebook / The Fowler Herd

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