The woman almost tripped over him. She held back her tears with difficulty, he already had one foot in the other world

woman almost tripped cat in pain @Chelsea

Sometimes animals in need appear out of nowhere, suddenly changing the plans of people who didn’t expect to encounter a suffering creature. Some animals are found in such places that it is impossible not to notice them. This was the case with the ginger cat. One day, the animal was found by one of the building’s tenants on the stairs. While leaving the apartment, the woman almost tripped over him. She didn’t know where it came from, but she was convinced the cat needed immediate help.

As she left the apartment, she encountered a suffering creature

Chelsea is a woman who is very sensitive to the suffering of animals. That’s why what happened to her one day shocked her so much. Everything indicated that it would be an ordinary day. But it quickly turned out that this time appearances were deceiving. Right after Chelsea left her apartment, she came across a ginger cat. The cat was lying on the stairs in the hallway. He looked bad. He was dirty, had dull fur and protruding bones. He didn’t even try to run away.

The woman knew the animal needed help. She decided to take him home and do everything to ease his suffering.

woman almost tripped cat in pain @Chelsea

The cat didn’t have the strength to get out of the litter box

Chelsea gave the ginger cat something to eat and drink. The animal devoured the large meal with great appetite. He certainly hadn’t had the chance to eat his fill in a long time. Immediately afterwards, he fell asleep curled up in a ball. He didn’t even have the strength to jump onto the bed the woman had prepared for him. He settled for a nap in a plastic litter box.

woman almost tripped cat in pain @Chelsea

The woman decided that the dog would stay with her. She named him Otto. She sought support from a local organization that helps homeless animals. Professionals gave her valuable advice and helped her with her veterinary care. It turned out that the cat was an old man, about ten years old. The implemented treatment and attentive care quickly began to bring visible results.

woman almost tripped cat in pain @Chelsea

Otto began to enjoy life

Chelsea admitted that the redhead found on the stairs of the building is the friendliest and most trusting cat she has ever met. Day after day, Otto opened up more and more and gained strength. It is true that old age was making itself felt. However, the cat was not going to spend the autumn of his life curled up in a ball.

He began demanding petting and playing. He was also increasingly willing to explore the apartment he lived in.

Otto would like to spend every moment in the company of his new caregiver: “What he wants most is to be loved.” The woman did not think that by helping a pet she met by chance, she would make a wonderful friend.

woman almost tripped cat in pain @Chelsea

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