She nonchalantly got out of the car and threw the bag away. Heartless woman arrested after throwing seven newborn puppies into sealed bin bag

woman arrested throwing seven puppies sealed bag

A middle-aged woman was caught throwing a bag in the trash. She did it without any hesitation, like she was really getting rid of an awkward mess. The truth was completely different. Without the CCTV, she would have made it. When it was determined that there were newborn puppies inside the tied bag, a lynching nearly ensued. The helpless animals were born three days earlier.

The woman threw the plastic bag in the trash and left with screeching tires

A woman in her 50s drove her jeep to an abandoned parking lot, where she stopped a few meters from the bins and got out of the vehicle. She was carrying a plastic bag in her hand, and it was clear from her body language that she was completely comfortable. It sounded like she was throwing away regular household trash.

With a decisive gesture, she opened the first container from the shore, but after looking inside, she decided there was no place for her trash. So she headed for the dumpster next door. Without a moment’s hesitation, she threw the plastic bag over to the open container, turned on her heels, danced towards the car, and drove off.

woman arrested throwing seven puppies sealed bag

The man walked past the dumpster. Without him, babies would die

A few minutes later, an auto parts store employee walked past the dumpsters. He noticed a plastic bag moving around in one of the containers, from which sounds were coming. Without him, seven puppies would have suffocated in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Local rescuers rushed to the scene and freed the small dogs. The three-day-old puppies were minutes away from suffocation, one moment and they would be dead.

“Throwing away puppies is unforgivable, especially these days. There are animal shelters and foster parents, says a California Animal Service employee who was involved in the rescue.

Police have arrested a 54-year-old woman who threw her puppies in the trash. All this thanks to surveillance cameras

Through surveillance, the identity of the perpetrator was established almost immediately. The license plates of the vehicle were filmed. A 54-year-old woman has been charged with throwing 3-day-old puppies into a trash can. Although nothing happened to the animals, the woman’s intentions seemed clear.

The situation has caused a storm among Internet users who have not spared the negative comments. Animal lovers demanded severe punishment against the unscrupulous author.

The police took the matter very seriously. Deborah Sue Culwell has been arrested. Dozens of animals were found at her home, likely to suffer the same fate. Thirty-eight dogs were in appalling conditions, “in poor condition” and aggressive towards officers. The woman will face allegations of animal cruelty.

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