A Woman Begs Her Neighbors To Stop Feeding Her Cat Which Has Gained Weight

woman begs neighbors stop feeding cat

Iris is a charming British Shorthair cat who, despite a strict low-fat, low-calorie diet, has failed to lose weight. So Sheena Wilson, the cat’s mother, asked her neighbors to stop feeding her.

Desperate, Sheena wrote on a Facebook community page in Exmouth, UK, asking her neighbors not to feed her eight-year-old, 15-pound cat.

Sheena told DevonLive:

“Iris is huge, she’s a big girl. She has a huge following on Facebook since I started posting about her. During the last lockdown, I noticed that someone else was feeding her because she barely ate her own food, but she continues to gain weight. »

A woman begs her neighbors to stop feeding her cat

woman begs neighbors stop feeding cat

Sheena is very concerned about her pet’s health, she states that unlike her other cats, Iris suffers from stress if she does not leave the house. Even though he is so tall, it is difficult for him to get out through the cat flap.

The feline’s family wants to have its company for many more years and is focused on weight loss and the health of the cat.

woman begs neighbors stop feeding cat

Iris’ mother says she is spoiled and is the only one of her cats to sleep on the bed and doesn’t even allow others to try. Concerns about his weight revolve around the fact that he could have heart disease and even diabetes.

Iris is very cunning and although she no longer goes through the cat flap, she does very well. Now, he resorted to knocking on the door to get his family’s attention whenever he wanted to get in and out of their house.

woman begs neighbors stop feeding cat

Sheena added:

“She has denied being on a diet for some time and continues to beg for sweets. It is becoming a problem for her now as only her head fits in the door leaf, which we have locked. So he cannot use it only to play hide and seek and he can’t put the rest of her in. Iris has now resorted to knocking on the door to come and go.”

woman begs neighbors stop feeding cat

Sheena explains that her cat needs surgery, but the vet has warned her that she needs to lose weight first. Normally, a cat weighs around 3.5 kilograms, but cats of this breed are a little more robust, and males can even weigh 5 kilograms.

Images: Facebook / Exmouth Community UK – Sheena Walsh

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