Woman Buys A Dog Thinking It’s A Shih Tzu, But When The Animal Grows It Weighs 30 Kg

woman buys a dog thinking shih tzu

A netizen named Maggie’s dream was to have a purebred Shih Tzu dog. It was then that she came across a seller of this breed on the internet, became interested in it and bought it. Time passed, and the puppy – which was to grow into an adult weighing no more than 8 kg – grew to just over 30 kg.

Disappointed by the scam — not the pet, let’s be clear — Maggie posted a video to her TikTok profile on March 23 recommending not having a dog from the internet.

woman buys a dog thinking shih tzu

In the background, the photo of the puppy and Maggie appear in the background saying:

“I couldn’t find a previous photo of her, but she was much smaller than this – about half the size of this photo and very dark and fluffy, so it was completely believable.”

The young woman says that time has passed and that the animal has grown to the point of not putting anything (no clothes) on its body. Intrigued, she questions the breeder. He was even answered several times, but after a while the man disappeared.

“First, he said ‘she’s purebred’, then ‘she’s 50%’, ‘her grandfather was a Shih Tzu’ until finally the breeder didn’t respond at all.

woman buys a dog thinking shih tzu

Unanswered, but still curious to identify her dog’s breed, Maggie did a genetic test and discovered that the Shih Tzu breed was far from puppy and in fact is a mix of: “mostly herder, chow chow and a little pit bull.

Next, a current photo of the dog appears. Little girl, she has nothing!

“Now I have this 70 pound dog who is not a Shih Tzu, who sheds, drools a lot and is much bigger than I expected.”

woman buys a dog thinking shih tzu

The pup has been with her for six years, being much loved and well cared for! The post has reached over 99,000 views and hundreds of comments.

“She’s so beautiful,” one said.

“Your dog is adorable,” praised another.

Here is the video:

@maggizine #stitch with @yupthatsmeee Definitely wouldn’t recommend getting a dog in college. #collegedog #craigslistpuppies #chowchow #shihtzu #craigslistpuppy #puppy #dog #newpuppy #puppylove #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Maggie

The American Kennel Club (AKC) – one of the largest pedigree clubs for purebred dogs in the world – advises people to do plenty of research on the kennel they intend to purchase from. puppy.

If during the negotiation the seller shows a preference for communication by email, without phone calls, be careful. If photos and advertisements are circulating on multiple sites, beware. And finally, if the price is well below the market, don’t even consider making a deal.

Images: TikTok / @maggizine

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