A woman came to the refuge to adopt a cat. She did not expect such a turn

woman came refuge adopt cat such a turn

A woman decided to adopt a senior cat. Although the woman came to the establishment for the adoption of a single animal, the moving story of the cat’s sisters prompted her to take risks.

Senior cats have a lot to offer

Many people decide to adopt younger animals, fearing challenges related to the care of elderly animals. Meanwhile, elderly cats have a lot to offer. They are calm, magnets and generally very grateful for the new house.

A woman named Alicia, who went to the refuge exploits Valley SPCA, planned to support abandoned animals and show them warmth and love. She did not know if she wanted to welcome another cat, and if this is the case, only one. His fur friend was waiting for him at home. However, when she saw red beauties, she could not resist their charm. She confided her heart and decided to help the cat sisters.

woman came refuge adopt cat such a turn
Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

Cats were abandoned by their owners

Mya and Hawkins ended up in a difficult situation, losing the only house they knew. The owners decided to get rid of them in the “old years”. The cat sisters trusted, but strongly confused by the situation in which they found themselves. Day by day, with a soft sofa, they went to a cage unknown to them.

The employees knew that to increase their chances of a new house, they should separate them. No one adopts cat seniors in the package. However, they couldn’t do it when they were together. He remained to believe that someone would fall in love with them and would take a charming duo.

woman came refuge adopt cat such a turn
Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

In the refuge, despite the love and the concern of the volunteers, they lacked something extremely important – their own place on earth. When Alicia heard the story of the Red Sisters, she couldn’t do otherwise. The 15 -year -old abandoned cats needed a new tutor who would provide them with peace and appropriate care until the end of their days.

After arriving at the new house in Mya and Hawkins, they quickly acclimatized. They examined all corners and corners, as if they wanted to compensate for the time lost. It turned out that one of the Kitty likes to squeeze his arms on his lap, while the other with fascination looks at the world behind the window, lounging on his new bed. Alice cannot take advantage of it, seeing the murmurs find the joy of life.

woman came refuge adopt cat such a turn
Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

Adoption in a duo. The woman could not choose better

The new students got along perfectly with the cat’s resident. They loved them almost immediately and were accepted. The woman believes that such a spell has been written to them. Kitty shows their gratitude at each stage. Refuge employees are also full of admiration and joy, because the adoptions of the elderly hardly occur, and in the package, they seem to be a miracle.

The adoption of older cats is a challenge. Many people are afraid of health problems and the shorter time than they can spend with a new pet. However, it is worth taking such a risk and giving the house to a senior, who will reimburse a piece of your own place on earth with extraordinary love and gratitude.

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