She couldn’t believe what she had caught the cat doing. The mystery that tormented her had finally been solved

woman caught cat doing mystery / @madelinemahallati

Madeline has several pets. One of his pets, the cat Poly, proved to be exceptionally intelligent and mischievous. The animal learned a trick that prevented its owner from sleeping well. Worse yet, Poly passed on his knowledge to other animals. The cat’s misdeeds forced Madeline to make major changes at home. It was about the comfort and safety of her pets.

She has several dogs and cats. She makes sure that each animal has time for itself

Madeline is a happy dog and cat owner. All animals generally get along very well with each other. However, out of concern for the comfort and safety of each animal, the woman sometimes locks them in different rooms. Thanks to this, it is calmer and each of the animals enjoys a little peace and quiet. Some of them badly need it.

The pet owner has always been very careful that the animals do not come into contact with each other without her knowledge. That’s why she was very surprised when she noticed that her cat Poly suddenly appeared where he shouldn’t be. The woman remembered perfectly well that she had locked him in another room. The situation became extremely suspicious when it began to repeat itself regularly. It took Madeline a few days to understand what was happening in her house.

The smart cat had no intention of staying in a closed room

Poly is a very sociable and impatient cat. It turned out that his traits certainly included cunning. When Madeline again caught her pet in a room where he shouldn’t be, she decided to investigate.

She locked herself in one of the rooms with Poly, then sat on the couch and waited for events to unfold. She didn’t need to be patient. The cat quickly showed him his secret. The cat learned to open an old, heavy door. He precisely tinkered with the handle to handle the hidden mechanism in the door in just a dozen seconds. Then he opened the door with his paw and went wherever he wanted. He didn’t even look back. Madeline watched in disbelief as she recorded the entire scene.

@madelinemahallati Poly learns to open the door!#catsoftiktok #funnyvideos #fyp #cats ♬ Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) – Dominik Hauser

The cat is a real trickster

This isn’t the end of the smart cat’s antics. It turned out that Poly decided to give door opening lessons to other dogs. The first dog to use them was Mia. She carefully observed the cat’s movements and then, at the next opportunity, tried to recreate them herself. To Madeline’s surprise, Mia managed to open the door on the first try. Poly turned out to be a wonderful teacher.

The owner of a herd of dogs had no choice. She had to call a specialist who installed locks on all the doors in her house. The woman stopped believing she could manage without locked doors. His animals turned out to be too inventive, active and cooperative.

@madelinemahallati When your cat teaches your Belgian Malinois to open doors,#dog #fyp #belgiummalinois #belgiummalinoispuppy ♬ original sound – Poly

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