A Woman Turns Her House Into A Retirement Home For Abandoned Senior Dogs

Woman converts dog hospice home cares for 80 dogs

Valerie Reid is an animal-loving woman who decided a few years ago to turn her home into a hospice for older dogs. The idea first took shape when she was trying to find a home for her father’s Doberman and found there was nowhere to accept him due to his advanced age.

The hospice called Whispering Willows, in Hermitage, Missouri, has been operating since 2017 and currently houses around 80 dogs in its facilities. In this sanctuary the animals are cared for and loved, a home is given to those who have stayed in a shelter for a long time, or whose owners have died or moved to a retirement home.

Valerie, who is also chair of the charity, says the important thing is that these dogs know they are safe and loved at the hospice.

A woman turns her house into a dog hospice

Woman turns her home into a dog hospice

Valerie told Up Worthy:

The dogs live with us openly and go between the two buildings. Everywhere we go they go and are treated like family. The best part is the transformation they experience when they know they are safe and loved.

dog hospice

After her father’s experience of having to say goodbye to his beloved pet, Valerie understood that this situation was something that happened very frequently and that there were many animals left at the mercy of a refuge or unfortunately on the streets.

The woman says:

I wanted to help those who were in a situation like my father’s and couldn’t really care for their beloved older dogs anymore, but then I opened my eyes to the number of dogs who needed help. help. It really is a forgotten segment of the lifesaving world.

Puppies run in the grass

Valerie and her husband decided to move from Kansas to Missouri, where they established the 3,000 square foot rescue center, with a 1,700-foot building just for the dogs. The woman never imagined that her idea would have such an echo and that the sanctuary would reach the capacity they have to date, but she certainly feels happy and proud of everything they have achieved so far.

Valerie wants these animals to leave this earth knowing that they have been loved and protected until the end of their days, the hospice has 17 full-time staff to care for all canines with round-the-clock care. and an inpatient department.

Woman turns her home into a dog hospice, caring for 80 at a time

This space is meant to make dogs happy on the last trip of their lives. Valerie says she wants the dogs to leave this earth knowing that they were appreciated until the last moment that they are among us.

Inside the shelter, the dogs have 400 acres to frolic and bask in. The building’s facilities have countless beds and comfortable spaces for your rest, including treats and toys.

dogs resting

In 4 years, the hospice took in around 790 dogs until they died. Valérie retains from each of them a clay imprint and a watercolor painting as a tribute.

Valerie added:

We usually hug and cry together. They are family members and we all love them. We help as many senior dogs as possible, but are overwhelmed by the amount and then the medical bills. We hope to raise awareness by showing the great need for elderly care, as well as awareness of our sanctuary.

Pets and their caregiver

Finally, Valerie said in an interview with Metro UK:

Our vision is to help people prepare for the end of life, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. We can say goodbye to our elders with comfort and love. Yes, it hurts, but it’s an honor to love and care for them.

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