This Woman Devotes Her Life To Caring For Stray Dogs And Cats. She Is Happy To Help Them

woman devotes her life caring stray dogs and cats

There are those who think the best lifestyle you can have been helping others and that includes animals. This is why every day we see many organizations dedicated to providing shelter and food to living beings in need.

But it’s not always in a group, because there are people who are dedicated to caring for others through their means and possibilities.

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One of them is the Moroccan Soumia, who describes herself as a holy savior of street dogs and cats, and is sometimes a bit crazy. Well, she devotes herself alone to taking care of a dozen dogs, and twenty cats that roam the streets of Meknes in Morocco.

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Among them is a dog, Bobi, who needs special care and who, fortunately, is also watched over by his dog friends.

Soumia told Chats Chiens

“Right now, I’m keeping a close watch on a dog that inspires me on a daily basis. I come to see him every day to feed and cuddle him, but recently he was missing, I thought maybe the authorities killed him. But after 5 days Bobi came back, and when he saw me he ran up to me and started licking me and crying.”

Here is the video of the meeting of Soumia and Bobi:

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She adds:

“I can’t describe it, it was just my dog. It’s just a feeling that I always try to find it in, in every dog.” –Soumia told Chats Chiens

The only way people can save dogs in Morocco is to put them in their homes or take them to Europe or North America to try to give them a good life. Even if, since 2019 there is a law to solve this scourge by sterilizing street animals instead of exterminating them.

But all is not rosy for them, they continue to survive in the Moroccan streets and the food does not fall from the trees.

At the moment, Soumia takes care of about 10 dogs and 20 cats and it is not something that limits her, because if she has to take care of others, she will find a way. She can understand that everyone would like a place to call home and although she can’t offer it to them, she tries to make life a little easier for them.

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A little food every day and a little petting is something these dogs living on the outskirts of Meknes appreciate. And it’s that they only recognize it by talking to them, it’s a sign of loyalty and recognition.

She seeks who adopts them so that she can give everyone a home, but taking care of them as if it were her own.

Soumia acts alone, using her own money, and all she asks for is the possibility of opening her own shelter, and being able to cover the expenses of caring for the animals she saves.

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