Woman Finds Out Her Cat’s Best Friend Loses Her Home And Knows Exactly What To Do

woman discovers best friend cat loses home

Sir Nick Fury has always been characterized by behavior more like a dog than a cat. He loves walking on a leash, playing fetch, meeting children, high fives and, of course, making lots of friends.

But when his mother, Shelby Hyman, started taking Nick for walks, she worried the kitten had run off and wandered off to the wrong place. So, he came up with a somewhat curious solution, he bought her a pair of bat wings that would allow her to walk, but at the same time prevent her from sneaking into forbidden places.

That way, Shelby didn’t have to worry about another similar type of incident.

Woman finds out her cat’s friend needs a home

About two years ago, while Nick and Shelby were out for a walk, they observed the neighbor’s cat named Shakira, exploring in the woods. The kitten got a little scared, but once Nick saw her, he decided to get closer and made it clear that she would be his future best friend.

Shelby told The Dodo:

“Nick wanted to be friends instantly. Shakira was very shy when we first started seeing her, but Nick was persistent. I noticed that when he started wearing his batwings, she became more curious and much more approachable. I discovered that she loved them!”

From then on, Shakira and Nick struck up a beautiful friendship and started dating almost every day on their morning walks. Nick was still looking for his friend, and if for some reason she wasn’t there, he would find a way to let her know he was there so she could hang out and play.

Shelby commented:

“On the days we couldn’t find her, he was screaming for her.”

Sometimes Shakira would hide in the woods or in her yard, but as soon as she came out, Nick would run towards her with his little bat wings, flapping happily.

Shakira’s family knew all about Nick’s friendship, even one day they made a deal to take care of her for a summer. Nick was very happy to take care of his best friend and they made their friendship much stronger by living together this time.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Shelby’s neighbor tracked her down and told her some very bad news that directly affected the couple of friends.

The neighbor was moving because he had health problems and could not take Shakira with him. He therefore planned to take her to a shelter, and he told her that he had already contacted a relative to come and pick her up.

Sheby added:

“I said to him: Give it to me! My decision was immediate. My son thought I was crazy, but I never doubted my decision.”

After knowing Shakira for so many years, Nick’s family had fallen in love with the sweet kitten and they had to help her. Also, they knew they couldn’t say goodbye to Shakira, so they decided to make her an official member of the family, after all, she was still part of it.

For now, Shakira is adjusting appropriately to her new surroundings, enjoying living with her friend Nick and the family’s other cat. However, she is still a bit shy, but gradually she is getting closer to everyone and no one can imagine their life without her.

Everyone was happy to adopt Shakira, and she’s happy to have a new home, it seems like everything was meant to be.

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