Woman Finds Out Her Neighbor Secretly Plays With Her Dog Whenever She Can

woman discovers neighbor playing secret dog

This woman catches her neighbor secretly playing with her dog through her yard fence whenever she can.

Bounder is a charming 5-year-old Labrador who enjoys the simple things in life, like playing ball, whenever he gets the chance. According to Brittney Reynolds, Bounder’s adoptive mother, the nice boy is quite independent and of course crazy about balls.

Recently, Brittney heard a noise in her garden while Bounder was out, so she decided to go outside to investigate a bit, and she came across an adorable scene. Bounder was barking at his neighbor who had a BB gun, apparently his neighbor was playing with his dog, and Bounder wanted to join him.

Brittney told The Dodo:

The neighbor was sitting in his garden with the ball gun on the table, and Bounder was looking at him and shouting that he wanted to play. I tried to tell him to stop barking, but the neighbor got up and started shooting at him. It was so cute. I went to thank him for playing with my boy and found out they had been doing this for a while.

A woman discovers that her neighbor is secretly playing with her dog

Adorable dog in the mountains

Apparently, the neighbor understood that Bounder likes to play ball and decided without hesitation to share playing time with Labrador. They now enjoy playing through the fence together whenever they get the chance.


The neighbor also has a dog so he’s definitely an animal lover, Brittney is very touched every time she sees them playing together.

The woman says:

I’m a huge dog lover, and it always makes me happy to see others treat dogs so well. Our dogs are our family, and I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat dogs. animals.

Woman discovers her neighbor playing with her dog

Thanks to Bounder, families have interacted a bit more since then, and now even have play dates for Bounder and neighbor’s dog Lyla to have fun together. Even these neighbors have agreed to an open door policy between the two homes so their dogs can play together whenever they want.

Of course, Bounder has no intention of stopping playing ball with his nice neighbor.

bounder sleeping

Britney added:

Since then, I have seen him outside looking for the neighbour. He is a fan of a game of fetch.

Images: Instagram / brittneygoes


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