Woman Drives 10 Hours To Help A Cat And Ends Up Rescuing Her Kittens Just In Time


A woman drives for 10 hours to get to the city where a pregnant cat needed help and rescued her kittens in time

A cat named Harmony had lived her entire life on the streets of the city of Halliburton, Ontario, Canada, and many people knew her. When the inhabitants of the city realized that the feline was pregnant, they tried to catch her to be able to put her in a safe place.

Unfortunately, their attempts to catch the elusive cat weren’t enough, so they contacted Cailey Seymour, founder of Dorset Rescue Kittens.

Cailey told Love Meow:

A group of people tried to catch her for a few weeks without success, so my mission was to rescue her.

Woman drives hours to help pregnant cat

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

Cailey didn’t think twice, and she borrowed a trap from a fellow Miden Cat Angels, and took a long 10-hour drive. Cailey came to town and started looking for the kitten, but she was nowhere to be found.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

They walked for a long time and decided to set the trap in an alley with food, the cat finally appeared, but she escaped when she saw the deception. So Cailey and a group of locals, waited for a long time, but her plan to catch the kitten did not seem to be very successful.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

So Cailey came up with an idea that maybe she could give good results, it was about changing the bait inside the trap.

Cailey said:

I played a video of kittens crying, I put it in the trap and in 15 seconds, she came running.

They were finally able to catch the elusive Harmony, secured her trap, and then transported her to Cailey’s foster home, where she would be safe.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

After a lot of effort, patience, strenuous work and a long journey, the kitten was finally in good hands, and that was the important thing. It was only two days since they were in her new home, when suddenly Harmony gave a pleasant surprise, she gave birth to her kittens.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

Under the comfort of her foster home, Harmony was able to have her babies (three kittens and one kitten), safe and sound.

From the beginning, the little kittens suckled vigorously and her mother proved to be very affectionate and cared for all the needs of her babies.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

Little by little, Harmony began to show her true personality and she had more confidence with her adoptive mother, she knew that they had saved her in time.

Cailey commented:

If she had gone just a few days later, she would have given birth outside, and they would join the wild cat population.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

During the first few weeks, Harmony gave her kittens all the love she had available to them and took the best care of them. The little ones were growing satisfactorily and, likewise, they gained weight and strength, they soon discovered how to use their little legs and began to explore the whole place.

Leanne, Brittany, Halli and Banksy, each day they grow up they become more playful, scandalous and have started to do hundreds of mischiefs.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

But while the feline siblings play, fight each other, or run around the room, their loving mother is always keeping a close eye on them. Harmony is usually a very quiet cat and shy around new people she meets, but deep down she craves a lot of attention.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

Cailey added:

There is no bad bone in her body and she will be an amazing companion to the right person or people.

Thanks to the timely rescue, the little feline family is suitably thriving as cute indoor cats and enjoying their comfortable life.

cailey drives hours help cat Harmony

In no time, all the kittens will be ready for adoption and Cailey will make sure to find them the best homes forever.

Images: Facebook/ Dorset Rescue Kittens