The Woman Fell To The Ground After What She Saw In The Car. These 15 Minutes Will Never Be Forgiven For The Rest Of His Life

woman fell ground after what she saw in the car dog

How much is the proverbial “moment” worth? The story that unfolded in the parking lot in front of the Walmart supermarket shows that even a seemingly short absence can cost us remorse, trauma for the rest of our lives, and most importantly, the life of our best friend. A Florida resident caused the death of a pit bull dog, which she left in a burning car. Although she assured that she had turned on the air conditioning for the animal, hot air was blowing from the device.

She left the dog in the car and went shopping. The air temperature was above 32 degrees Celsius

How many times does it have to be repeated that leaving children, the elderly and pets in a closed car in hot weather is extremely dangerous for the message to reach the group of interested people? Judging by the number of interventions during the holiday season, the number of which increases every day, calls from the police, shelter workers and animal-friendly organizations do not bring the expected results. Therefore, in a preoccupation with a preventive action, the services must resort to other methods a little more brutal to capture the imagination of the recipients and to discourage the citizens from repeating the errors of the others.

For this reason, the media often publish recordings that cause an avalanche of indignation and astonishment among Internet users. One shows Crystal Marie Houk – a resident of Pensacola County, Florida, who seemed inconsolable to see police waiting by her white Toyota Camry.

She left her dog in a hot car for several hours, leading to her death

The heartbreaking scene unfolded in a parking lot on Highway 29. As US media reports, Houk drove to the air-conditioned supermarket Walmart, leaving her dog in the car. Unfortunately, as often happens in the heat of the moment, the woman lost track of time. As she browsed the aisles admiring the items on the shelves, all the car windows were closed and the dog had no water. To make matters worse, the car’s air conditioning was not working properly – instead of providing relief and cooling the interior of the vehicle, it was directing a stream of hot air towards the passengers.

The animal left in a locked car alerted store employees and other customers, who decided to notify the appropriate services. The dog was in great danger and was panting heavily, desperately trying to catch his breath. Unfortunately, 15 minutes of intense sunshine was enough for the temperature to exceed the limit.

Under the influence of high temperature, the car immediately heats up, the animal has no chance of survival, it dies in pain, suffocates from the heat. The pit bull lost consciousness and subsequently died of heatstroke while the completely unconscious owner was only a few feet away.

It can be a lesson for others. The drama video went viral

Houk did not return to the car until three hours later. Although she tried to explain to law enforcement that the car’s air conditioning was working, hot air gushed out of the car door when she opened the door, leaving her speechless. The reaction of the owner of the deceased animal was captured by Shelia Anderson Kennedy, who tried to help the animal. Houk fell to the ground and cried helplessly in front of the witnesses.

The services intervening on the spot tried to measure the body temperature of the animal, but the thermometer used for the measurements stopped working. This meant that at the time of the incident, the dog’s body temperature was over 41 degrees Celsius.

woman fell ground after what she saw in the car dog
Escambia County Jail

Crystal Marie Houk was prosecuted for animal abuse. She was sentenced to jail and 36 months’ probation. She initially spent 30 days in detention, but was released after paying a $5,000 fine.

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