Woman finds a mysterious guest outside her house. Poor thing was crouching on the doormat, waiting for someone to find her

Woman finds a mysterious guest outside her house

She simply took the kids to school and came home. She wasn’t expecting any guests, so she was very surprised when someone was waiting for her on the doormat. His crouching figure showed exhaustion, but as the woman approached, he jumped up and fled. He did not yet know that the inhabitants of the house he visited deserved his unconditional trust.

The woman returned home. A mysterious guest was waiting on the porch

The woman had just taken her children to school and was returning home. She had a big surprise. She couldn’t believe who was waiting on the doormat outside her house.

“Oh my God, poor thing,” the woman says in the video.

The crouching animal was sitting on the porch. When she approached him, he fled in panic.

The mysterious guest turned out to be an emaciated and frightened dog waiting for someone to help him. However, he was afraid of strangers, and although he desperately needed help, he couldn’t trust this woman. He hid in the grass and watched from afar as the stranger offered him food. The visibly hungry animal couldn’t refuse a treat when he was hungry.


It broke my heart seeing this dog in such bad shape 😩

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The dog slowly got used to the presence of new people

Once the dog was fed and given time to acclimate, he slowly began to get used to his new environment. The family living in the house made an appointment for their new friend at the vet. During this time they bathed and fed him.

He has really gotten used to us and is doing well.

They found numerous wounds and cuts on the animal’s body. They didn’t know if they had appeared spontaneously during their long wandering or if they had been provoked by humans. When it came time to visit the vet, the first step they took was to check if the animal was microchipped and if it belonged to anyone.

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The owners began to explain. There was only one solution

It turned out to be a target. After scanning the chip, they knew the dog was previously owned by the family. When they called the number, the voice on the phone confirmed that the animal had once belonged to them, but that they had given it to someone else six months earlier.

They didn’t know if the previous owners were telling the truth. Regardless, the dog currently had no guardian to watch over him. After a short meeting, they knew what to do. There was only one possible choice.

We told the vet we would take him in and give him all the care he needed.

The dog suffered from terrible mange and needed antibiotics. Other than that and his significantly underweight, everything was fine with him. He left the vet in a good mood and happily went to his new home.

After a long day we came home and Bo was rolling right on the floor and was the happiest he had been with us since. He knows he’s home now.

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