Cancer Survivor Didn’t Believe She Would See Her Dog After 2 Years

woman finds two-year-old dog

Mares began a fierce battle with leukemia and had to be separated from her pup named Semper for some time. While he was away, Semper disappeared, but they managed to see each other again after more than two years.

Kameroun Mares adopted a beautiful Husky at a critical time in his life, after undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Both gave each other lots of love and companionship, but in 2016, this woman who lived in Florida had to travel to California for a while to get more treatment and left the dog she named Semper Fidelis (Forever Faithful in Latin), with his roommate.

Kameroun told The Dodo:

He’s always been loyal to me.

Unfortunately, some time after his departure, Kameroun received a call he hadn’t expected and which broke his heart.

My ex-roommate told me she was missing.

Semper and Mares

Back home, she looked everywhere for her beloved dog, but couldn’t find him. Kameroun had to return to California that same year and her fight continued, she contacted all the shelters in Florida.

Cameroon said:

For a year, I kept searching in California, posting flyers on pet sites, visiting 15 vets where I lived with him, calling shelters.

emotional reunion

I posted information about him on Facebook, forums, pages and missing dog groups. Every day I was waiting for a phone call from someone to find him…His microchip has been registered by me since that he is 3 months old… yet I haven’t received anything. I was worried about him and missed him so much.

Kameroun decided to hire Ana Campos, a private detective, to help him find Semper.

Mares and Semper

Anna said:

She had purchased lifetime registration with AKC Reunite. A year later someone suggested that she check her AKC Reunite chip again. So, he went to the Humane Society in May 2017 and they did it in line… It was then that he discovered that a year earlier, on April 11, 2016, a woman had added her name to Semper’s chip.

Faithful friend

Apparently, the other chip company didn’t check if an owner was already registered on the Semper chip. The investigator discovered that Semper was listed for sale for $200 and that is why Kameroun could not find him.

Woman finds dog stolen over two years ago

When the day of the reunion arrived, Kameroun and Semper could not contain their excitement. The woman began to cry with joy and the dog could not help but jump.

Anna said:

Being able to play a role in this meeting and be present was one of the best days of my life.

Together forever

Semper is adjusting to his new life in California and luckily Kameroun’s cancer is in remission.

She said :

He still remembers his commands and the tricks I taught him. My favorite is the command ‘go home’… I say to him: ‘Semper, go home’. Where is your home ? Go home’. And Semper finds the exact door.

Ana Semper and Mares

I see it as an extension of myself and my heart. I’m happy to have him back in my arms.

Images: Facebook / Ana Campos


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