Woman Goes To Shelter To Adopt Dog, Ends Up Saving Three

woman goes shelter adopt three dogs

Shelly Blount saw a post online about a euthanized dog at a shelter in North Carolina, USA, so she immediately called the shelter to try to rescue him. Luckily, the dog had just been adopted, but it got him thinking about other dogs who might be in danger.

Shelly asked the shelter staff if there were any other dogs that needed to be euthanized and she was told a dog named Caleb was next on the list, so she immediately jumped into her car to save him.

The woman drove four hours from Virginia to the shelter in company, determined to save Caleb.

A woman goes to a shelter to adopt a dog and comes out with three

caleb sleeping

When Shelly arrived at the shelter, she noticed that two other dogs were also about to be euthanized. Although she had three other rescue dogs at home, she knew what she had to do.

Charisma rescued

Shelly asked the staff what the limit was on the number of dogs she could adopt, and she was told there was no limit, so she adopted all three.

Bella in the car

She had come to the shelter that day expecting to go alone with Caleb, and instead she went with Caleb, Charisma, and Bella.


On the way home, the three dogs were so excited they couldn’t contain their happiness, and Shelly knew she had done the right thing.

Shelly and Charisma

She said to The Dodo:

Caleb was so excited – he kept kissing from the back seat and his cock was wagging real fast. Bella was so happy she sat on my friend’s lap and literally didn’t move Charisma, my adorable little angel, was literally holding me and she slept through the whole trip.


Although Shelly had no plan when she decided to adopt the three dogs, she knew she couldn’t leave them at the shelter to be euthanized. Shelly didn’t have room for three more dogs at home either, but luckily within days she had already found the best new homes for Caleb and Bella.

Caleb and his father
Caleb and his new sister

Now Caleb was very happy in his new home with a friend of Shelly’s and with another Labrador and they get along very well.

adopted Bella

Bella was adopted by Shelly’s boyfriend and they became inseparable.

Caleb and his sister

Shelly will likely stay with Charisma, as they have become very close since she rescued her. Anyway, Charisma should stay with her for a while, because after a visit to the vet, she realized that the sweet little dog was pregnant, and at the shelter no one told her about it, then they said no. knew

Shelly not only saved Charisma that day, but she also saved her puppies’ lives, and Charisma will be forever grateful.

Charisma sleeps with mom

She enjoys spending a lot of time cuddling her new mother and her best friend, thanking her every day for saving her life.

Charisma’s family is very excited as the puppies are born.

Charisma gives birth

They were seven in all, and as soon as they reach the required age, they will find forever loving families.

Images: Facebook / Shelly Blount

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