Woman hid a camera in the house to see what the dog walker was doing. The police quickly intervened

woman hid camera see dog walker

A New York resident who hired a dog walker to look after her pets certainly didn’t expect such a turn of events. However, a camera installed in the apartment revealed surprising behavior for which she incurred criminal liability. It was surprising what she had done in the absence of the household.

Dog walkers are also becoming more and more popular in France. Their services are used by pet owners who have no one to look after their animals in their absence. However, the behavior of the woman hired to walk dogs by Shayna Bryan on American Long Island leaves no illusions. Cameras recorded how, after entering the apartment, she stole the items that were there.

The dog walker took care of more than just dogs

The “Wag” app, available in the United States, allows you to hire pet sitters for dogs to look after them while their owners are away. Many people use it and it seems completely safe, but Shayna Bryan, not wanting to provoke fate, activates a camera recording the image in her apartment while her pets are looked after by a hired person. This idea turned out to be quite correct.

Lisa Barerra, 22, allegedly broke the law after taking two dogs she was supposed to care for for a walk. On the way back, we clearly see how a young woman packs her belongings belonging to the owner of four-legged friends. As it turned out later, these were jewelry, clothes and other valuables.

The company evaded all responsibility

Although Lisa Barrera was arrested and charged with theft, the dogs’ owner is also demanding corrections from the company that employed her. However, “Wag” clearly avoided responding to the woman’s emails, which she ultimately decided to address publicly via Twitter.

“I am writing this public message to express my extreme disappointment at the lack of respect for the recent situation in which a WagWalking employee’s priority was not to walk my dogs, but rather to steal from my home,” began Bryan.

Since she had irrefutable proof in the form of a recording from a camera in the apartment, she decided to share it online as well.

“While your website touts ‘verified and verified dog walkers,’ the camera I installed last week shows otherwise,” he notes.

The woman told NBC News she raised the issue publicly because “Wag” did not respond to her correspondence. Ultimately, the company returned the equivalent of the stolen items and the pet sitter’s profile was removed from the app.

– I think she only used the app to access apartments like mine. As soon as she entered the apartment, she headed toward the bedroom, Bryan notes.

She also stressed that the application was completely unreliable for her. He does not intend to use his services again and cautiously recommends the situation to other users.

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