Woman Gives Kitten a Chance for a Full Life, and Now She’s Sporting a Beautiful, Wacky Smile

woman kitten opportunity full life shines crooked smile

A woman in Turkey heard of a stray kitten in unfortunate conditions, who had wounds all over her body, was dirty and malnourished. At the veterinary clinic where she was treated, they discovered that she was suffering from certain infections, including calicivirus, a highly contagious type of cat flu that is said to have caused tissue loss around her mouth.

Ahsen, an animal rescuer, decided to step in and help the little feline as soon as she heard her story. Despite her poor health and disheveled appearance, as soon as the kitten saw the woman, she approached her in search of some affection.

Ahsen told Love Meow:

“They said it was too small and it wouldn’t last, but it persisted.”

Woman gives kitten the opportunity for a full life

Kitten sports a crooked but beautiful smile

Without thinking twice, Ahsen decided to give the kitten a fighting chance and against all odds took her home to take care of her. There he offered her a space to be comfortable and begin her recovery process.

The kitten was given the name Zombie. Ahsen cleaned the dirt from her body and tended to the wounds in her mouth, she was determined to help her heal.

Kitten and his rescuer

Unfortunately, due to the infections he suffered, Zombi’s mouth was twisted, the road to recovery was long, but thanks to the love and care of his caregiver, he managed to overcome each obstacle one by one.

Thanks to Ahsen’s medication and attentions, Zombie was able to eat on her own after a long time and without showing any pain in the process, the feline was so grateful that she kept purring and showing her smirk.

As the weeks passed, Zombi gained weight and was increasingly outgoing. To continue his recovery, two lower teeth were extracted, which made it easier for him to eat.

Ahsen was content and proud to see the process of her brave feline, now out of harm’s way, they could focus on healing not only the wounds on her body but also the ones inside her.

crooked smile kitty

After two months of recovery, Zombie received a well-deserved day at the spa and the happy news that he would become an official member of the Ahsen family. She was now one of the resident kittens of the house.

rescued kittens

The felines happily welcomed their new sister, taught her to play and invited her to dinner with them. Zombie immediately started following Zikri, the family’s tuxedo cat, they are great friends and Zikri has all the patience to put up with her sister’s energy.

Ahssen says:

“Being able to help animals like Zombie makes me happy. It’s a priceless feeling to be able to say ‘we did it’, to see her change and be instrumental in all of this.”

Woman gives kitten a chance at a full life

Finally, Zombie’s life is all she ever wanted, she has a loving family and caring siblings who take care of her, and now she just hopes to continue living the life of a cat to the fullest. inside spoiled.

Images: Instagram / zikrettinn

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