Young Woman Takes Revenge On Her Boyfriend After Abandoning Her Dog


Much like he did with the dog, the man ended up being abandoned by his girlfriend in a field.

Unique and inspiring events happen daily and become viral news. Well, this is the case with this woman who chooses to take revenge on her boyfriend after he abandons her dog for “not being a purebred dog”. The video garnered thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook, sparking this humiliating and cunning revenge to be shared around the world. This video may even motivate others to opt for this style of warning.

A man abandons a dog and his girlfriend decides to take revenge by repeating his steps

woman leaves boyfriend abandoning dog not pubered dog

Daniela was very sad because her dog, Navy, had been lost.

However, later a friend of her boyfriend’s repentant reveals the whole truth: they had taken the dog to a field and left her there abandoned. Why did they do it? Because the boyfriend didn’t like that he wasn’t a purebred dog.

After picking up Navy, the friend and Daniela planned their respective punishment: to do the same to the man he did to the poor protagonist in this case. This is how the young girl persuaded her boyfriend to blindfold her and take him to a distant place to surprise him. The man obviously thought it was a gift.

The not-so-pleasant surprise the wife gave her boyfriend

In the video, the man is seen blindfolded and holding leaves in front of the camera.

woman leaves boyfriend abandoning dog not pubered dog

Behind, we see the wasteland in which it would very soon be abandoned. Smiling, the man asks his girlfriend why it is necessary for him to take the papers, to which she tells him that he wants it to be something “very memorable”, because he will never forget this day. He, gullible, weighs the idea that she is going to ask him to marry him, but she rejects this idea, arguing that it is something “better”.

Meanwhile, on the sheets he was holding, it was written: “I abandoned my girlfriend’s dog because it was not purebred, but my best friend betrayed me and the confessed to my girlfriend. And now I will suffer the consequences. “That’s when Daniela asks him about Navy, who must have missed him very much about her, and he replied that he missed her.” She got lost, poor girl, ”said the man, still unable to see.

From behind, the friend approached with Navy on a leash. “I know you’ve always wanted a purebred dog,” the woman said, already revealing her surprise. Very happy, he thought that she had bought him a golden puppy. But what he saw after removing the blindfold left him puzzled.

Daniela had asked him to count fifteen minutes out loud, taking the opportunity to continue his plan. After these seconds, the man can finally see what is happening: his girlfriend and his friend are inside the car, accompanied by Navy, ready to leave it in the open. The deceived man tried to explain himself to his partner, but angrily blurted out that he was “a disgusting person”. Finally, Daniela and the friend left and, in the distance, we saw how the man who decided to abandon his girlfriend’s dog was falling behind.