A Woman Doesn’t Date A Man Unless Her Puppies Approve Her

woman leaves man less puppies approve

This woman won’t date any man unless her two adorable and beloved chihuahuas approve of her first.

Jahnnalee Randall is a 34-year-old woman who lives with her two beloved Chihuahuas in Los Angeles, USA. This woman trusts her pets’ intuition so much that she said she wouldn’t date any man without the prior approval of her two dogs, a statement that no doubt left plenty of surprises.

Gizmo, 12, and Starleena are their adoptive mother’s faithful companions on adventures, enjoying walks together and boasting an enviable wardrobe that Jahnnalee is proud to show off.

Jahnnalee told Metro UK:

I don’t go out much, I like to be alone. But if I were to meet someone, the dogs would have to approve. If Gizmo doesn’t like the person, he has no way of dating them.

A woman does not date any man without her puppies’ consent

Chihuahuas and their foster mother

The woman added:

I was told I needed a man and to have real children, but dogs are my children. As a child, fairy tale movies never touched me, but dog movies yes. I think it’s the cutest thing in the world to see dogs in disguise. Humans do it, so my furry kids should too. I don’t want human kids, I love my furry kids.

Woman and her puppies in pajamas

Along with their fabulous $40,000+ wardrobe, Gizmo and Starleena have their own specially decorated bedroom with a comfy double bed and attend classes regularly.

Jahnnalee added:

I spent about $40,000 on their wardrobe and accessories, but they really only wear clothes for shows or going out. This also includes their mini backyard dog theme park which has inflatable slides, beanbags, gazebos and inflatable rainbows for their enjoyment. They look like little furry humans, that’s the cutest thing.

Puppies next to their human in the pool

Of course, these two little ones appreciate being pampered by their mom, in addition to all the attention they usually receive from people.

The woman says:

Gizmo also has a miniature Lamborghini with its own license plate. We also have matching clothes that we wear on stage during a stand-up comedy set. It’s like having a kid and having to take them to their classes after school because they have stand-up classes and tricks and auditions.

Puppy and his miniature car

The truth is, this trio does everything together, and without a doubt, they know how to have a good time whenever they get the chance. They usually take nice walks in a small stroller, it’s because Gizmo has heart problems, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying the outdoors.

Woman does not go out with men unless her puppies approve

Finally, Jahnnalee said:

The shows and the pampered lifestyle keep it going. They are truly my bundles of joy and light up the room wherever they go.

Images: Instagram / jahnnalee


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