Woman meets her ex and realizes her dog still misses him so much

woman meets her ex dog reaction
Camila Perman

About a year and a half ago, Camila Perman and her ex-boyfriend had a brief but tender relationship. As in all good love stories, even if their relationship was short-lived, it left an indelible mark on their lives.

An unexpected but welcome gift came in the form of an adorable little furball named Gala, a golden retriever, who joined Camila’s family around this time. And what a joy the Gala was! With just one look from her big, expressive eyes, she made everyone around her fall in love, including, of course, Camila’s boyfriend at the time.

It was a feeling Gala readily returned, forming an inseparable bond with everyone in her new home.

The dog’s reaction is deeply surprising

woman meets her ex dog reaction
Camila Perman

Like many stories, the romance between Camila and her boyfriend ended and they remained on good terms. Lives were separated and, like a delicate thread, the bond that united Gala to her dear human friend also unraveled.

Time passed, but one night a surprise awaited Camila and Gala during their evening walk in the park. Like in a movie, a familiar silhouette appeared in the distance. It was him, Camila’s old love and Gala’s dear friend.


♬ Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel (Alt) – Chiqui Chiquititos

Although about 18 months had passed, for Gala, it seemed like it had only been seconds. Her joy lit up her eyes as she ran towards her former partner, who welcomed her into his arms as if she had never spent a day.

woman meets her ex dog reaction
Camila Perman

Camila told The Dodo:

“It was very nice [to see them come together]. “He accompanied us to my house to make sure we arrived safely.”

Was this chance encounter enough to rekindle an old love? That’s something only Camila can say. But Gala’s feelings are more than clear, and maybe this will be enough to bring them together somehow.

woman meets her ex dog reaction
Camila Perman

Asked about the possibility of future meetings with her ex, for Gala’s well-being, Camila replied with a smile and a hint of hope: “Yes, I think so.”

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