A Woman Put A Tracker On Her Cat And Discovered That He Visits 5 Houses

woman puts cat tracker

For many, it’s a mystery to find out what their cat does or where it goes when it leaves the house, but Aoife McAleer, who lives in Ireland, bought a GPS collar for her feline, which led her to discover that her pet has visited 5 houses.

Turns out the cunning cat named Jagger is too smart to have one family to provide care and snacks. In just 24 hours, the feline visited about five homes on its way and walked home like nothing had happened, but this time its foster mother had found it.

Her mother shared her pet’s antics on social media and exposed her adventures in a short TikTok video that immediately went viral. He also spied on his other cat named Cookie, who is apparently much calmer.

Woman put tracker on her cat and discovered he was visiting other homes

woman puts cat tracker

The cat tracker sent the real-time location to the woman’s phone.

Aoife told Bored Panda:

I knew he visited some houses (actually a house he called Peter) and always came home from his everyday adventures, but I was interested to see exactly where he visited and I was very surprised that he visited many houses and it seems they also fed her in many. More interestingly, she stayed there for a while.

woman puts cat tracker

Aoife says that when she found out about Jagger’s adventures, she didn’t care. Despite the fact that in many places there are risks to animals, she claims her kitten was in a safe place.


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She remembers that one of the first things she did by including the feline in her family was to make sure she was spayed to avoid more kittens. Jagger didn’t like being home all the time, so to avoid stressing out, he let her go out regularly.

woman puts cat tracker

In addition to using the feline tracker on Jagger, the woman also spied on her other cat, Cookie.

Aoife says:

Jagger’s tracking data was much more active. She traveled to many homes, but she was fiery and confident so I expected that. The cookie data was much less exciting, she is a nervous cat and stayed in our home region.


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 Jagger was 6 when they adopted her, so she retained much of her natural instinct for independence and ventured out of the house every day, but always came back at night.

woman puts cat tracker

The woman adds:

One family expected to see her come every day, they told me they gave her sandwiches every day and I’m pretty sure they did the same with other houses. She would also be home at 5 p.m. each evening for another meal.

woman puts cat tracker

Sadly, just a few days ago, Jagger passed away from kidney complications. Her adoptive mother mentioned that it was a painful situation and that she even misses some of the homes she used to visit.

woman puts cat tracker

Jagger’s mother added:

Jagger was a truly combative cat. Stubborn and liked things in her own way. She was very docile, but like a kitten she wouldn’t let us touch her and she was extremely wild. We have worked with her over the years to tame her and she has become a really loving and cuddly cat whenever she wanted. And always in search of food.

woman puts cat tracker

After the loss of her sister, Cookie made a few tours with the tracker; she continues to test and monitor the device.

Aoife added:

Cookie was also wild and extremely shy as a kitten. She’s still shy now, but when she wants attention she makes sure you know and will follow you until you stroke her. She is a domestic bird and enjoys the comforts of her home.

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