This Woman Refuses To Abandon Her Cats And Prefers To Keep Them Despite The Economic Crisis: “They are my family”

woman refuses abandon cats despite economic crisis

When we adopt a pet, we make an important promise that we will care for it and love it for the rest of its life, no matter what. A decision that we take very seriously, since we know that they need us and that we only want to please them.

However, there are times when challenges, like the high cost of living, force us to make some changes and even find new homes for our pets. However, there are people who wouldn’t do it for the world.

This woman refuses to abandon her cats despite the crisis

woman refuses abandon cats despite economic crisis

This is the case of Miari Workman, a 50-year-old woman from Cardiff (Wales) who lives with her 9-year-old daughter, her adult son and the most spoiled: her beloved cats.

Her feline friends include Bootsie, whom she has lived with since before the pandemic, and her siblings Lucy, Lace, Wolfie and Lunar, whom she later adopted without imagining the real challenge of caring for them.

woman refuses abandon cats despite economic crisis

As a single mother struggling with depression, Miari receives a benefit called Personal Independence Payment which helps her cope, however, the rising cost of living has not affected her, especially since ‘she spends around &40 a week just on food for her cats.

Despite everything, she does everything possible to feed them, having to make sacrifices. And although it has been difficult, she refuses to find them a new home.

woman refuses abandon cats despite economic crisis

“Sometimes I run out of food to be able to feed my cats, she says according to the Daily Mail. I will never get rid of my cats, they are my family. If I have to use food banks to support them, this is what I will do.” In this way, Miari has made it clear that she can adapt to anything but giving up her cats.

And while it’s a practice that might be frowned upon, Miari doesn’t care. “I’m not ashamed, these things are there to be used. People have to stop being ashamed and go for it,” she commented according to the outlet.

woman refuses abandon cats despite economic crisis

All of Miari’s cats have been sterilized and microchipped, despite not having insurance. However, if the emergency arose, I wouldn’t hesitate to take them to the vet.

“He’s a pet, which means he’s part of the family. Family means everything to me,” the woman said, according to the source. An owner who took her commitment to her cats very seriously.

Images: Facebook / Miari Workman

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