She Loved Cats, But It Took Her 30 Seconds To Rescue An Elderly Dog. One Thing She Didn’t Know

woman save dog with cancer before put down

Trish Bauer was going through a tough time in her life. The rush of thoughts often meant she spent most of the night browsing social media, as she suffered from insomnia. Once, by chance, she came across an ad for an older dog. She knew right away that she couldn’t let him go through his pain alone.

She found an ad asking for help with an old dog she couldn’t ignore

We all have nights when insomnia keeps us awake. There’s no denying that in times like these, one of the most common things we try to occupy our minds with is constantly browsing social media. A woman named Trish did the exact same thing.

At one point, she saw a post on Instagram that made a huge impression on her. Namely, she saw an elderly German Shepherd dog, right next to it was a note from which it was clear that if no one offered to take him under their roof, he would spend the rest of his days in a concrete box. .

“The moment my lost eyes saw him in the video, I knew he couldn’t die like this. His eyes looked like mine. He was defeated by life – we read on The Dodo.

woman save dog with cancer before put down
Trisha Bauer

She didn’t expect his proposal to be accepted

Trisha immediately commented on the post, and after a while she finally managed to fall asleep. She didn’t expect her desire to adopt a sheepdog named Wilbur to be granted. When she woke up and looked at her phone, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I never expected to wake up hours later to a notification on my Instagram that he would be shot in 30 minutes if no one picked him up,” she said.

Without thinking long, she woke up her daughter and went to the center where the dog was. Oddly enough, she didn’t even have a dog leash because their home had always been cats.

woman save dog with cancer before put down
Trisha Bauer

Their happiness has been put to the test

The dog came out of the cage and immediately jumped into the arms of his rescuer’s daughter. Soon their eyes met as well. Trisha said that this moment expressed more than a thousand words and the thread of understanding was immediately established between them. Soon they were in the car and driving home.

The German Shepherd received a new name – Cooper. Shortly after, they accompanied him to a friendly veterinarian who takes care of all the cats in the family. Unfortunately, the doctor gave them the worst possible news.

“He quickly became concerned about what we thought was an abscess [on] his neck…he knew it was cancer,” the woman reveals.

Trisha was well aware that this disease was a constant struggle. Her daughter has also suffered from it in the past. Fortunately, she managed to beat the cancer, and the woman promised herself that she would do everything to make it the same in the case of their pet.

The dog underwent a major operation, which did not guarantee a complete absence of health problems. While recovering in a loving home, his family received the phone call they had been waiting for. Cooper beat cancer.

Thanks to the fact that Trisha accidentally found him online, he not only gained health, which he fully uses despite his age, but also a loving family. He couldn’t have found a better place to spend the fall of his life.

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