A Woman Saves A Dog Left On The Street And Thanks Her With A Smile

woman saves dog left on the street and thanks her with a smile

Suzette Hall has rescued many homeless dogs and, in each case, presents a challenge. The founder of Logan’s Legacy Rescue organization understands that dogs are not animals that are ready to live alone and solve problems on their own.

To prevent dogs from having bad experiences in life, prompt and professional action is needed. This was seen in the rescue of a dog they named Worth who showed up very elusively.

“She was probably the toughest rescue I’ve ever done. But she was worth every minute,” Hall said in an interview with The Dodo, who still doesn’t understand how there are human beings capable of leaving a living being in these conditions.

“I was there day and night for so many days in a row,” Hall told The Dodo. In her statements, the rescuer acknowledges that she had to come several times to gain the dog’s trust.

Worth had been on the streets for about 3 weeks when she was found wandering aimlessly through an industrial area in the city of Los Angeles. A passerby walking by saw her and was quick to contact Hall’s co-workers.

“I tried the food, I tried everything, but nothing worked because the people who worked there chased her away,” says the rescuer. Even the dog got lost in the area and the rescuer had to look for other places, against all odds.

“I came back every day hoping she would come back, but she never did. I thought for sure she was gone,” she said. Yet the hope of seeing her again was not foreign to his way of thinking. And she wasn’t wrong.

After receiving a notification from a citizen who claimed to have seen the aforementioned dog, Hall drove to the scene. “I looked, and it was her. I couldn’t believe it was her. It was unreal. She was probably the most difficult rescue I have ever done. But she was worth every minute,” the lifeguard said.

Worth is in a home enjoying a loving family who have given this beautiful canine a proper place. These types of stories are truly inspiring because helping a living being in great need serves as motivation for more people to decide to serve any living being that comes their way.

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