Street Kitten Makes The Most Beautiful Transformation By Finding Someone Who Loves Her

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

This defenseless kitten managed to be rescued from the streets by Nur Hamizah Had, a caring woman who found her wandering in her backyard, covered in wounds and badly treated by life on the streets; she was shedding her fur and her scent was terrible.

The woman, who lives in Malaysia, is a great lover of animals and once she came across that feline she decided to help her and take her into her home.

The kitten, now called Meimei, received from her new adoptive mother the care necessary to heal the wounds on her body and all her love to heal her soul; After 5 months, her change was incredible.

Woman saved a kitten from the streets

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

When Nur found Meimei in the backyard of her home, she was hiding under a car. She was having a very bad time, she had some infections on her skin, wounds and fungi in addition to other health problems.

Nur told The Dodo:

“She looked very needy and begged me to help her. She touched me so much the first time I saw her. I said to myself, ‘If she can survive, I will take care of her and love her as much as possible.”

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

The kitten was quite dirty and her body was covered by countless insects, and her leg was badly injured, she urgently required veterinary attention.

Meimei’s adoptive mother remembers that she wanted so much to be saved from her that she reached out to her wife by means of her and allowed him to carry her in a box to attend to her.

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

When Nur finally took Meimei to the vet, she discovered that she only weighed 2 kilograms, she was completely malnourished and her prognosis was delicate, the woman struggled to get her new friend ahead of her.

She was sure that if the kitten recovered, she would give her all the love and a home so that she would be very happy for the rest of her life.

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

Now Meimei leads an indoor cat life, she is loved and cared for by Nur. Her beautiful white fur has finally grown back and she looks very happy. She now she weighs about 6 kilograms and her health is fully restored, she is a lovely spoiled kitten.

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

Although the adorable Meimei still has a little fear of people she does not know, she is a happy kitten, she who enjoys eating, taking long naps and doing all the typical things of a feline.

woman saves kitten streets beautiful transformation

The woman assures that she will always be willing to help any animal that needs help, and she is grateful to have found Meimei that day and to have her now as a member of her family. The kitten and Nur have a great and beautiful bond.

You can learn a little more about Meimei’s life on her adoptive mother’s Facebook account, who often posts updates on her pet’s new life.

Images: Facebook / Nur Hamizah Had

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