Woman Rescues A Puppy And He Takes Her Hand In Gratitude

woman saves puppy takes hand appreciation

While she was driving her car, a woman saw a chained dog. She thought that her family would be close to her, but she could not sleep that night, she was really worried that that dog was abandoned in that place, so the next day she took her car and returned to the place to confirm her fears. her. The dog was there, and it had apparently been left to die.

He had been without food, water or shelter for days. So she decided to rescue the little animal, she untied it from its heavy chain and carried it to her car in the front seat. The shy dog ​​was so moved, looking for some affection and apparently grateful for rescuing him from his dire situation; she started crying as soon as she noticed the little dog’s actions.

The case occurred in July 2018, and was recorded by the same woman in a moving video that quickly went viral on the Internet.

Woman rescues a dog and he thanks her

woman saves puppy takes hand appreciation

In the post made by Viral Hog, the woman says:

It broke my heart that he had been abandoned and that he was dying and that he was not angry with me, but grateful. I started crying and again, his attention shifted from himself to my needs now. He couldn’t believe that so much love came from an animal that literally came from a situation that he was in.

Check out the cute video below:

In the video, the dog, still fearful, thanks the woman by trying to caress her with her hand, to which the woman reacts with an emotional cry. The dog, seeing her cry, moves silently and watches her; Although he is scared at first, all the fears of him seem to disappear when the woman approaches a little with her hand to caress him.

woman saves puppy takes hand appreciation

It is not really known if the woman took the sweet dog to a shelter or if she decided to adopt him, but the truth of the situation is that we all hope that the charming little dog is leading a better life since rescuing her.

woman saves puppy takes hand appreciation

These innocent beings only deserve to receive our love and care. And thanks to the actions of this woman, he surely she found a second chance for a good life.

Images: ViralHog

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