Woman showed photos of the dog sleeping next to the bed. When he explains why he’s not going, it’s hard to hold back his tears

Woman showed photos dog sleeping next bed
Twitter.com @Caitlin Wynne

Harry and George are Shih Tzu dogs. Animals living under one roof have always treated each other like brothers and sisters and happily spent every free moment together. Unfortunately, the tragedy that struck Harry and George had a real trauma on the young dog. Even the passage of time could not heal his emotional wounds. It was only after a few months that the dog’s guardians understood why their animal was behaving so strangely.

Shih Tzu dogs were inseparable. After years together, their carefree life falls apart

Harry and George are dogs representing the Shih Tzu breed who previously lived together under the same roof. Harry was a few years younger than his canine roommate, but despite the age difference, the animals quickly established a strong bond with each other and spent most of their time together. They felt good and safe next to each other, and most importantly, they loved sleeping next to each other. They were always doing the same thing: George snoring happily on the bed and Harry in the corner right next to him.

The moment when the health of the older animal deteriorated significantly was difficult for all members of the family: the dogs and their guardians. Pet owners have tried to do everything to provide their pets with the best possible care and support. However, despite their best efforts, Harry’s heart was shattering into millions of pieces.

Woman showed photos dog sleeping next bed
Twitter.com @Caitlin Wynne

The dog’s illness has become a real tragedy for the whole family

George’s caregivers took him to the best specialists, but the veterinarians had no good news to tell them. It turned out that the dog was suffering from acute kidney failure. Worse still, none of the treatment methods implemented gave satisfactory results.

George was in increasing pain, so his caregivers eventually made the difficult but necessary decision to euthanize him. They knew that they could no longer alleviate the suffering of their beloved pet and that keeping him artificially alive would be an expression of selfishness.

Caitlin, George and Harry’s caregiver, described the night before the sick dog fell asleep as follows:

“The night before George fell asleep, I slept on the couch to keep him company, and Harry paced all night, screaming as if he sensed something was wrong.”

After the sick animal died, the keepers took special care of his half-brother, giving him unlimited attention. They wanted their patient not to fall into depression and to be able to continue enjoying life even after losing a friend.

The dog cannot accept the death of his friend. All he had left was his bed

Unfortunately, as his owners feared, Harry took his companion’s death very badly. He became listless, devoid of desire to play, and even his favorite delicacies did not improve his mood. Most of the time he lay in a corner or walked with his head and tail down. Months passed and the grief the dog was experiencing still overwhelmed him. He didn’t want to eat, play or go for walks.

A year after the dog was euthanized, Harry still remembers him. The most meaningful thing a pet does every day is to lie down next to their deceased friend’s bed. Harry still lies down on the floor, making way for George. To this day, he still does it, as if he’s counting on his buddy to show up at any moment and want to join him for a nap.

Woman showed photos dog sleeping next bed
Twitter.com @Caitlin Wynne

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