Video: Woman Throws A Puppy At A Man, So He Just Adopt it


An African American man adopted a puppy, after a white woman threw it at him during a racist attack.

A woman has generated outrage on social networks, after a video went viral in which she is seen throwing a puppy that she was carrying in her arms while having an argument with a rapper.

An African American man was suddenly attacked by a woman, who did not hesitate to insult him repeatedly. However, the discussion took a turn when the video recorded the moment in which the attacker throws a puppy at the victim.

On October 9, Glo Mula, a rapper from Los Angeles, recorded the woman while the incident occurred. The girl was behaving in a very strange way and her face seemed to be under the influence of some harmful substance; in her arms she carried a small dog.

The recording has been disseminated on social networks and the woman is shown chasing the musician, while he tries to escape from her. From one moment to another, Glo Mula asks the woman why she is holding the cub in a strange way.

After several minutes of insults, the woman threw the dog that was carrying the man directly; at the moment of falling on its back, the animal began to cry. The rapper, noticing the crude action of the attacker, decided to carry the puppy and take it away.

The video ends just at the moment when Glo Mula holds the puppy; in the last seconds you can see how the woman went behind him.

However, through the man’s social networks it has been shown that now the canine is safe and sound.

So far the identity of the woman has not been reported, but the recording has been shared thousands of times to find the whereabouts of the aggressor.

Several Internet users have been upset by the obvious racism that the woman showed and the animal abuse that was documented.