Woman Used Tortillas To Lure Dog Into Car And Save It From Heavy Snow

woman uses tortillas saves dog snowstorm

Caring woman used tortillas to save homeless dog straying on cold Texas highway

In the midst of a winter storm affecting parts of the United States, people rally to save needy animals, and a woman used tortillas to save a dog roaming a Texas highway.

Kristin Salinas had been out doing grocery shopping for her family and on her way home saw a homeless dog on the verge of freezing. As a good animal lover, Kristin did not hesitate to imagine a plan to help the poor dog who urgently needed to be rescued.

Several images show the winter cold that affected the area, so the dog could have easily frozen over if it had been left in the open.

Woman used tortillas to save dog

Rescued dog

The animal was apparently a little nervous, he was careful and he would not let anyone get near him, which made his rescue a little difficult. Kristin therefore used tortillas that she had just bought at the supermarket, in order to lure him into the car and save him.

A woman saves a dog

The woman left a path made of pieces of tortilla for the dog to come to his car, but he was not very convinced. Despite the heavy snowfall, Kristin did not want to give up, she wanted to save him and for more than half an hour she tried using tortillas.

After patiently waiting, the nervous Labrador finally walked over to Kristin’s car, climbed in, and sat in the back seat.

A woman uses tortillas

At that point, a reporter exiting a nearby park saw what was happening and stopped to record the rescue. After putting the dog in the car, the reporter got out of his vehicle to ask Kristin why she had helped him.

Kristin said according to Fox San Antonio:

The dogs don’t know what’s going on, so we try to help them, one at a time. I hope other people will stop by to help animals in need.
Kristin Salinas
A woman used life-saving tortillas

The woman clarified that she did not know she was registered at the time, and that in reality the only important thing was to save the dog. In addition, he mentioned to local media that this is not the first time that he has rescued a dog in need, since he is constantly helping abandoned animals on the streets.

The woman brought the dog home, gave him everything he needed to protect him from the cold, and so he could have a good night’s sleep.

Woman saved a dog

The next day, she would try to find her owners, if she couldn’t, she would work with the help of an animal rescue center to find him a home. Kristin has since posted a photo of the rescued dog to the San Antonio, TX – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Facebook page.

The idea is that you can reunite with your family if you have one, but if for some reason that doesn’t happen, have them adopted by the perfect family.

It was written in the Facebook post:

Please spread the word so we can find this animal’s family! […] Description: Black Labrador Retriever, male with beautiful brown eyes […] He is safe, warm and well fed! We just want to find our parents!

The post has been shared hundreds of times and everyone is hoping that the rescued dog can soon find his forever home. Additionally, social media users left messages of thanks for Kristin in the comments for saving the dog from freezing to death.

Rescued dog tortillas

Without a doubt, a heroic act full of kindness that deserves to be known by all, so that other people help animals in need.

Images: Youtube / Instagram – krissm12 / Facebook – San Antonio, TX – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets

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