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A woman visits an animal shelter and decides to take the two oldest and longest residents home for adoption

A shelter is a place full of stray dogs and cats just waiting for someone to finally save them. Older animals in distress are especially in need of a caregiver, and visitors are the least likely to ask questions about them. It is for this reason that the employees of one of the establishments were very shocked and at the same time suspicious when a woman staying at the shelter asked for the two oldest dogs. There were a lot of emotions.

Senior dogs and cats wait the longest in shelters. How are they worse than toddlers?

Not all animals are lucky enough to leave the shelter. Even though dogs and cats in shelters can meet their basic needs such as food, drink and a sense of security, they do not receive what is most important, love. Some of them will never benefit from the care and warmth of a home.

There are many animals in shelters, often with difficult experiences, patiently waiting for a second chance, but there is still no one willing to adopt them. Usually, it’s the sweet, energetic puppies and kittens who quickly find new owners, while their older brothers lose hope that anyone will want them again.

Older dogs wait much longer for the chance to feel family closeness, even though they have just as much love to offer. Leslie Sacks decided to change the fate of two dogs.

Shelter woman asked for the scariest dogs

An event in the United States, notably at Asheville Humane, allowed older dogs to regain hope of finding a home. A woman came to the shelter and expressed her desire to adopt not one, but two dogs. She had some pretty unusual demands that certainly surprised the volunteers.

Leslie admitted that she would like to adopt the dogs that stay at the shelter the longest. As if that wasn’t enough, a woman visiting the shelter made it clear that she cares about disabled animals. Such unexpected statements from a stranger made the volunteers think. Shelter workers began to wonder if Leslie was telling them the whole truth.

woman visits shelter to bring take elderly dogs
@Asheville Humane Society

After a long conversation, it turned out that Leslie had good intentions all along. The candidate for the position of dog sitter has extensive experience in caring for animals in shelters and currently has a large house with a garden, which of course convinced the employees to give her a chance. Together, they began looking for older, less attractive dogs to adopt.

A touching act of a woman who adopted two dogs

Volunteers introduced the woman to two dogs, which she eventually adopted. One of them is a shepherd mix named Sam who suffers from a chronic illness. Interestingly, he was taken in by adopters, but it turned out they weren’t up to the challenge and shortly afterward, they returned the dog to the shelter.

The second dog’s name is Burton. The Boxer type animal is 13 years old, which is quite old for a dog of this breed. His appearance generally deterred visitors to the shelter who were looking for animals to adopt. Worse still, the previous owner left him in this establishment to be euthanized. That’s why Leslie decided to save his life.

woman visits shelter to bring take elderly dogs
@Asheville Humane Society

A video documenting the adoption of the shelter’s older residents has been posted online. Leslie’s act touched the volunteers and helped older dogs find new homes where they can enjoy the last years of their lives. Both dogs will spend the remainder of their “golden years” lying on soft beds and roaming freely around the two acres of fenced yard.

“I am happy to be able to give them a home for the rest of my life, I think I will receive a lot of love from them” – said Leslie.

Hopefully this unique act will inspire others to adopt a senior dog or cat and that older, sick animals will also have the chance to find a new home.

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