A woman was waiting for the train when she suddenly saw a small creature on the tracks

woman waiting train creature tracks

Kristine Malone, like every morning, got on the train to go to work. While waiting on the platform, she saw a small creature moving along the tracks. After a while, a terrifying scream reached his ears. The boy, whose color blends into the environment, got into a lot of trouble. The woman knew she had to do everything she could to help him.

A woman waiting for a train tried to strain her eyes to see what the creature was on the tracks. However, its gray-brown fur blended into the gravel, making this task very difficult for it. She knew immediately that she would not abandon him to his fate. She had to think of something.

woman waiting train creature tracks

The little furry creature couldn’t go off the rails

After a while, Kristine realized that the furry creature in difficulty was a ginger kitten. His fur was already very dirty, making it difficult for her to see him on the tracks. The little boy must have been terribly scared because he was making high-pitched noises as if screaming for help.

After a while, the New York resident came up with the idea to share information about the situation on social media and ask for help. She couldn’t have a cat on her own. Fortunately, the vice president of an animal rescue organization, John Debacker, heard her plea.

woman waiting train creature tracks

The cat rescue operation has begun

When the man arrived on the scene, it turned out that the rescue operation would be even more difficult than expected. This is all due to the location of the tracks.

– We tried to figure out how to reach the kitten from the street, but we couldn’t do it without exposing ourselves to danger – he said, quoted by “The Dodo”.

Realizing that trespassing on the tracks would be too risky, Debacker informed Metro-North police officers of the situation. Fortunately, they were not indifferent to the kitten’s fate either. They turned off the power to where the little child was and secured rescuers so they could reach him safely. Fortunately, he was captured after a while.

woman waiting train creature tracks

The cat was given a unique name

Rescuers transported the kitten to the center, where it was tested and fed. It only took him an instant to go from a terrified little boy to a charming kitten. Together, they came to the conclusion that the redhead should be called Metro – after the place where he was found.

A few weeks later, when he was ready to be adopted, a woman came to the organization and found him on the train tracks. She did not hesitate for a single moment to offer him a loving home. The animal lived with her and her daughter in an apartment near where they first met. Fortunately, he is now out of danger.

– Malone and his daughter Destiny praise Metro, and Metro is very happy with her new life in her new home – we learn from social media.

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