One morning, a woman wakes up to find a strange cat lying next to her in bed

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

Waking up next to an adorable cat is one of life’s sweetest joys. At least if you have a cat. And when the cat you wake up next to is actually your own cat.

Otherwise, it seems more like a funny life joke. Just ask Jacey Jonnson, who was both amused and confused when she woke up one day to find a strange alien cat staring at her.

Jonnson, who lives in Canterbury, UK, is a kitten owner and temporary owner of two other kittens. Two of the cats are black and white, so when he woke up one morning to find a black and white cat in his bed, he thought it was one of them.

But after taking a closer look, he realized that the little cat next to him was not one of his cats. It was a little stranger who snuck in and crawled into bed.

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

Jonnson was understandably shocked to wake up next to a strange cat. Meanwhile, the little cat’s head was resting on a pillow and looking at him casually, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be there.

At first, Jonnson was completely confused, as he didn’t know who the cat belonged to or where it came from, but he soon realized that he recognized it from somewhere. She remembers seeing him hanging around her building several times.

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

The little cat, who Jonnson nicknamed “Flearoy” but is actually called “Felix”, has already visited several of his neighbors and invited himself into their homes. He was obviously a very sociable and curious little cat.

After solving the mystery, Jonnson took the cat outside. However, Felix kept coming back, not yet in a hurry to go home.

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

Jonnson then asked for help on Facebook in the hope of finding his owner and his post has since been shared, liked and commented on hundreds of times. People were completely captivated by this funny situation and had a good laugh.

And the message finally reached Felix’s owners, who came to take their adventurous kitten home. According to his family, he and his brother are very fond of wandering and often go on long and exciting trips.

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

While waiting for his family to come pick him up, FĂ©lix stayed at Jonnson’s house and even went to get water from the toilet.

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

Felix wasn’t the first random cat to show up at Jonnson’s house; once, six cats slipped through the cat flap in one day.

Felix is safe and sound at home now, but we’re sure he’ll be on his way to some crazy new adventures before he knows it.

woman wakes up find strange cat bed

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