A Woman Was Walking Her Dog And Out Of Nowhere 35 Cats Appeared Following Her

woman walked dog 35 cats appeared

Cats have accustomed us to stories that are a bit strange or curious. It all depends on who it is, but without a doubt they always have a strange adventure to tell. This is the case today, since a girl was walking with her dog and out of nowhere 35 cats started following her.

A normal day and 35 cats behind it

To tell the story, we are going to need a bit of context, as the protagonist of the story lives in a rural area of ​​Florida, USA. As it is an isolated place, there is plenty of space, so seeing cats in the area is not strange, quite the contrary.

What was a little strange was that while the young girl was walking her two dogs Annie and Molly, she was going to find herself in the middle of a sea of ​​felines that started to come out of everywhere, as if it were a movie. , the girl, I couldn’t even count how many cats were following her, but thanks to the fact that everything was recorded on video, we could see that there were 35 cats behind the girl.

woman walked dog 35 cats appeared

Dogs had no problem with cats

One of the funniest curiosities the video left behind was how well his two dogs took to seeing so many cats. One would have thought that the dogs became a little violent seeing them, but it was rather the opposite, since rather one of them was running in the middle of the cats very ecstatic seeing what was happening.

woman walked dog 35 cats appeared

As expected, the video would quickly go viral on the networks. We share them below:

Without a doubt, these felines know very well who is the leader of the pack. The cats are local and part of the community so there is no need to worry about them.

Images: Youtube / ViralHog


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