Video: A Woman Walking A Giant Animal And The Scene Goes Viral: Is It A Dog Or A Wolf!

woman walking giant animal goes viral dog wolf

Some people have claimed it to be an Irish wolfhound, known for its grey fur and large size. While others let their imaginations run wild saying he might even be a mutant.

These days it’s completely normal to see different people walking with their pets and of course small animals of all sizes need to get out and explore their surroundings to stay healthy. health and not be stressed by always being locked up in housing.

However, a woman who took her beloved pet for a walk has left hundreds of netizens very impressed, as the size of the animal is something you rarely see. Although the woman, who was seen in Florida, USA, didn’t pay much attention to the fact that her dog was so big that it reached her waist.

A woman walking a massive BEAST

woman walking giant animal goes viral dog wolf

In the clip, originally shared on TikTok, a woman can be seen leaning on a cane to walk, while her pup smells some footsteps on the ground. Similarly, it is possible to listen to a family wondering what they are really seeing.

“Is it a wolf or a dog? asks a woman, to whom a child can be heard saying confidently, “It’s a dog, Mommy.” “Or maybe it’s a beast…what is it?” The woman responds and ends the video.

woman walking giant animal goes viral dog wolf

And that same question was asked by netizens, who started theorizing what kind of animal it might be. Many stuck to the facts, stating that it would be an Irish Greyhound breed, known for its gray fur and large size.

Another person mentioned that he doesn’t have the face or mouth of the Irish Greyhound, so he could be a leonberger crossed with the first breed mentioned.

While other people started speculating to go even further saying, “She’s got Jon Snow’s werewolf hanging around,” “He’s a mutant who escaped from a Pentagon lab,” “It’s a hyena, I’m sure” and “It’s a mutated beast.”

Although it is not yet known for sure what type of animal it was, we were all somewhat surprised to see it. It’s not an everyday thing.

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