This Young Man Adopts A Disabled Dog And Makes His Life Happier

young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy

Earlier this year, when he was just one year old, this dog was hit by a car in Casablanca, Morocco, after which he became completely paralyzed in both hind legs, for this reason his former humans believed that the solution was to leave him on the street, but Zakaria saw in the little dog a look full of motivation and hope that completely prevented him from thinking about this alternative. He deserved a new life.

When he first saw him chained to a tree and left to his own devices, he decided to intervene. By taking him to a vet. The corresponding X-ray examinations were carried out, where it was observed that the rupture of his spine was not the cause of a simple accident, apparently, the dog was despicably mistreated by his previous human, and for this, his behavior didn’t turn out to be entirely friendly to people.

young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy
young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy

It was clear to Zakaria that this adorable dog’s situation would not be easy at all, but it was even clearer that he could not let his life end in these conditions, so thanks to his great ingenuity, the dog has got his first wheelchair made of PVC pipes and auxiliary bicycle wheels.

young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy

Zakaria told Pets Feed:

“He was beaten by his former owner. I had contacted a veterinary clinic in Casablanca and we were giving him treatment. We decided not to give up on him and give him another chance with a pvc wheelchair.”

This man with all his love decided to take full responsibility for the dog and from that moment the life of both of them took an unexpected turn.

This man’s great love gave Boyka a new opportunity

young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy

Not being able to walk with his hind legs caused Boyka severe skin damage, but thanks to the care and treatment he received, his tissues regenerated in about a month.

As the days went by, Zakaria’s love for Boyka grew stronger and the dog’s attitude changed drastically, the two became inseparable and lived countless adventures together; walks to parks, to the beach…

Zakaria said:

“After the wheelchair with PVC tubes, Boyka needs a new steel wheelchair, which allows him to move much more comfortably, but lack of means forces us to wait”

Nothing prevents Boyka’s happiness from showing on his face, he runs, plays and jumps with the same enthusiasm as any other dog, but he is not like other dogs, he is an example of life.

People who have come to know him are infected with his powerful positive energy.

Boyka is a real life warrior

young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy

The dog needed to be stimulated in his abdomen to be able to urinate and Zakaria is always by his side supporting him with totally selfless love.

One of Zakaria Nani’s biggest passions has been dogs, as can be seen on his Instagram account, where he travels to meet and befriend dogs all over Morocco and even Turkey.

Without a doubt, these two great friends have endless adventures to come together. Zakaria’s big heart has not only breathed new life into Boyka, but many other dogs who find themselves in similar conditions.

Zakaria adds:

“Through the experience with him and donations from dog lovers, we plan to build wheelchairs for other pets and have learned different techniques and therapies for proper care.”

young man adopts disabled dog makes life happy

When you take responsibility for a pet, you must do everything possible to obtain its well-being, they are not a toy or a hobby, they are living beings, beings who deserve all your love. unconditionally.

Zakaria is looking for an association or a family for Boyka, in the meantime he takes care of Boyka with the little means he has. If you want to help, you can donate here.

If you want to see more photos of this incredible dog, you can visit him on his official Instagram @zakaria.nani by clicking here.

Images: Instagram / zakaria.nani

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