A Young Man Takes His Beloved Dog To See The Sea And She Thanks Him With A Look

young man takes beloved dog to see the sea

The reason why an animal cannot move its hind legs, front legs, or all four, can have various origins. Natural aging or affect health caused by unexpected event.

This is what happens to Olivia, a Golden Retriever much loved by her guardians. For them it is very important that they can collect unforgettable moments with heavenly and unique trips. Even if they have to carry it in their own strength.

“Taking my paraplegic dog to see the sea,” they captioned the video, which was posted on social media. In the aforementioned AV material, the dog can be seen enjoying a beautiful view of the beach and the wind ruffling its fur.

Eduardo is the tutor who takes Olivia to the beach in a cart. After carefully descending the stairs, he approaches towards the sea. The dog enjoys every moment of the trip, as if it were the first time.

“Come on, Olivia, in the sand,” says her other babysitter named Mariana in the background of the recording. She and Eduardo provided him with the necessary care to facilitate his adaptation to this situation.

“She loved. The little face of gratitude,” concluded the video which received approximately 500,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments. Other than that, there were a variety of comments from various users who were charmed by the story.

“It’s good to know that there are still good people in this world”, “The most beautiful thing in the world”, “How beautiful, I love you Olivia”, were the most popular opinions. highlights.

Mariana also shared that Olivia was no longer able to move freely after accidentally falling off a slab when she was four months old, while still in the care of her other owners. But that didn’t deter them from adopting her and letting her enjoy life.

“We brought our special dog from Brazil to Bariloche, just so she could experience the snow. And it was touching to see the happiness,” the caregiver couple says in a video posted on the occasion of the holidays. โ€œDream successfully realizedโ€ was placed at the bottom of one of the photos.

She walks in Florianรณpolis, in Neuquรฉn in Argentina, in Bariloche on skis. Enjoying a fireplace in Bariloche. It seems that she has traveled more than you who are watching this video?โ€, Underlines the couple in a publication.

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