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5 Rare Chinese Dogs That Are Gaining Popularity

chinese dog breeds

Unusual dog breeds have always interested people. Nowadays, Chinese breeds, which were previously little known, are actively gaining popularity.

Chinese Chongqing Dog

chinese dog breeds Chinese Chongqing Dog
Chinese Chongqing Dog

This variety was bred about two millennia ago in the Sichuan province. The history of the Chongqing dog begins with the Western Han Dynasty, which ruled in 202 BC. This is an intelligent, very active and fearless dog, he has an outstanding sense of smell. Initially, the dog was used for hunting in the mountains. Therefore, the Chinese Chongqing dog has a short and harsh coat. It does not prevent the animal from moving quickly in mountainous terrain.

Kunming shepherd

chinese dog breeds Kunming shepherd
Kunming shepherd

The breed can also be called the Kunming wolfdog or the Kunming wolf. It was bred in China in the 1950s. It was based on a German shepherd and a hybrid of a wolf and a dog. It is known that this species was bred as a service one for the needs of the army. The height of the dog is 65 cm, which is an average size, the weight reaches 40 kg. It is similar to the German Shepherd, but has longer legs. Kunming Shepherd Dogs can be used by the police and military. They can also be watchdogs or companion dogs.

Japanese Chin

chinese dog breeds Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin

The breed is considered decorative. It was bred in Japan, but originates from China, since it was from there that the Pekingese were taken for crossing. The Tibetan Spaniel became another basis for this dog. The Japanese Chin was bred only to create a good mood for the ruling house, the emperor and his family. In addition, dogs were needed to maintain harmony in the palace and in the houses of officials, senior government officials.

Xiasi Dog

chinese dog breeds Xiasi Dog
Xiasi Dog

This breed was developed in the Chinese province of Guizhou. The species has been recognized by the Kennel Club of China, which is considered to be quite significant. The animal has characteristics that make it an ideal hunting dog. The slender and muscular physique of the dog is associated with the special structure of the pads of the limbs. Also, the Xiasi dog is hardy, this gives it the ability to drive prey with impressive speed, as well as ease.

Tibetan spaniel

chinese dog breeds Tibetan spaniel
Tibetan spaniel

The first Europeans to visit Tibet described this species as half dog, half cat. The Tibetan Spaniel was originally used as a guard dog in Buddhist monasteries. The Tibetan Spaniel is small in size, but has great intelligence. He is independent and active, retaining his watchdog qualities to this day.

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