15 People Who Wanted An Ordinary Dog But …


These crossbreed dogs are born of unions between canines of different races, but are no less charming than their counterparts. On the contrary …

We agree that crosses between dog breeds are not to be encouraged, as they carry genetic anomalies and predispositions to diseases.

Nevertheless, there are indeed puppies born from mating between dogs belonging to different varieties and in various circumstances (stray animals, accidental unions …). And these puppies have the right to live happily like any of their peers.

It even happens sometimes that they come into the world with quite remarkable physical features, such as beautiful eye colors or coat with unusual patterns. This is precisely the case of the beautiful dogs that can be seen in the 15 photos below …

1. This cross Siberian Husky / German Spitz, looks like a fox

2. A “Rottlador”, half Rottweiler, half Labrador-Retriever

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

3. A cross between Chihuahua and Carlin

4. Siberian Husky eyes in a Labrador Retriever body

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

5. The look of this half Husky puppy, half Pitbull

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

6. A body of Corgi and a Dalmatian coat

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

7. Dachshund / Golden Retriever

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

8. Australian Shepherd and Corgi

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

9. A “Pomsky”, a mix between Pomeranian Lulu and Siberian Husky

10. When Shar-Pei and German Shepherd meet …

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

11. A Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Crusader

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

12. Winston, the Australian Shepherd / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

13. The smile of this happy Border Collie / Samoyed

14. This Pekingese / Poodle crusader will also make you crack

15. This German Shepherd who is not crossed, but has dwarfism. Hard to resist this magnificent look …

Cute unique Cross-Breed Dogs

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